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Detective Biography

Y'all can call me Bucky.

Don't rightly know how I came to be consortin' with all you city slickers, but now I'm here I'm happier than a clam at high tide.

Seems to me the city is a mighty dangerous place for a good 'ol boy like me. S'like skinny dippin' in a pool fulla snappin' turtles... if ya'll know what I mean.

But I swing on by and help out from time to time, and re-collect my stories for ya'll.

If I all seems a bit shy it's coz well, all my life I heard things like "that boy's cream don't rise all the way to the top", and "if ya'll put that boys brain in jaybird's be-hind, it would fly backwards." People can be right hurtful.

But heck even a blind hog finds an acorn once and a while, and I done found me Missy Sue. That girl's so purdy it puts a smile on my face like a wave on a slop bucket.

She done the clever one too, what with her extra toes for countin an all. She's always got lotsa clever thigns to say like:

Don't go huntin' with a fellow named Chug-A-Lug...

I done like that one.

Missy Sue she looks after me, aint no man never crossed her. She can pitch a saucer throwin, foot stompin, cabinet slammin, get out of my face, this better be the last time this dab-blame mess happens, hissie fit like no other good ol'gal can.

Heck reckon I'd rather sandpaper a bobcat's be-hind before I wen against my Missy.

But shucks that's why I lurv her.

Anyway that's just a lil bit and me'n'mine.

I'm busier than a blind hound in a meat house, but I hope t'see y'all round real soon.

Ya'll can call me Bucky.


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