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Role Playing Tips
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Barry Grant
Barry Grant
Old Shoe

Apr-7-2007 09:33
(sticky post)

As you all probably know, I am more than willing to answer any questions you may have about role playing. Those of you who have contacted me with questions have asked some very good ones and I thought the answers would be best shared by all.

In addition to the basic tips Miss Parr has shared:

1. Assume & maintain an identity (know your character)

2. Contribute to existing story lines (know the story)

3. Review past stories for guidance ( (Many thanks to Mr. Yoyofoshow)

4. Keep within the time frame (1920-1940, no microwaves, cell phones, or telephone answering machines)

5. Feel free to take risks (don't be afraid to join in or start a new story)

I would like to add the following writing tips that I find aids the reader:

6. One person speaking per paragraph

7. Double space between paragraphs

8. Use capital letters for SCREAMING

9. Double quotes for conversation

Probably the most difficult thing for people to do is get started. My recommendation would be the following:

10. Start slowly. It is not necessary to write a huge entry. A few sentences is all you need to introduce your character.

11. Respect the other characters. It is very difficult to write someone else's character without knowing him well. Be mindful of the different personalities and be sure you are representing them accurately. Be careful not to add attributes to anyone's character that have not already been established.

12. Don't rush the story. Be sure to write connecting content that supports the actions of your characters.

The written word is vastly different from the spoken word. No one can hear inflection nor see the face of the person speaking. It is important that what you write stands on it's own.


Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-15-2009 13:41

...and here goes the second part

J.C. was a piece of my character which you destroyed with foolishness and arrogance. You practically took a dump on my work and time invested into building this character.

Now, this post was made for me to make it clear that you stepped hard on my tail and that you made a capital mistake. BUT...since, as I said, I do believe you have really good RP skills and since I like "The Heist", I will continue it with you as J.C. If as a result of this post you will decide to take your character out of the story, it will be a second mistake and it will be a completelly childish reaction.

No regards, for now. I need a whiskey.

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Feb-16-2009 03:21

Thank you both Makensie and Joey for your tips.

I usually RP in Shades and we received an invite (more an announcement) for us to "cannonball into the swimming pool" here in Noir. Apologies if I dived in too quickly before reviewing all the postings and characters on this stage. I apologize to J.C. as well if he intended to use his character in "Heist".

In Shades I had quite a few people who had unintentionally trampled my stories, which felt terrible, but I learned to cope with it and grew in my writing and improvisation skills as a result. This is no excuse for me to be rash however, and many apologies again for running into your story, Joey. I just read your bio, I will s-mail you about how to straighten out the discrepancies, since that wouldn't be part of "Role Playing Tips " :P

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-16-2009 04:20

We've all made our least I did and got past them. Also we have all had to improvize at some point in order to straighten up a misportraying post of our characters or just to give basic logic and to actually fit some posts into the story. I usually handle such issues directly in the play without making too much fuss about them, but your step was way out of line. It's true though that it was just a mistake and we're all people (and also we're still in a game). I'll answer the rest of your questions as a reply to your PM.

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