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The Mole: Detective Edition
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Chelsea Bando
Chelsea Bando

Feb-24-2007 20:22

Requirements to play the game: Must have at least 10,000 experience points and be an active member. Must be available for the next few weeks.

12 fortunate detectives will be brought together with the chance to win up to 100 grande (in sleuth money NOT real money. To be transferred to your detective's account at the end of the competition)

In order to win the money you will have to complete challenges as a team. However, there is one player called the mole, an operative I have hired to sabotage the game and decrease your winnings. At the end of each round each contestant will have to answer a series of questions relating to the challenges they have faced and about who they think is the mole. Whoever gets the least amount of the questions right will be eliminated from the competition. The mole cannot be eliminated from the competition since my operative will know all of the answers. When there are only three contestants remaining, the last quiz will be administered and the winner will be decided. The last one standing wins all the money.



Mar-25-2007 16:15

Is the book Catcher in the Rye?

Chelsea Bando
Chelsea Bando

Mar-25-2007 18:30

the book is not catcher in the rye.

Old Shoe

Mar-25-2007 19:35

Is the book written by an American author?

Lucky Stiff

Mar-25-2007 20:19

Is the book a work of fiction?

Chelsea Bando
Chelsea Bando

Mar-26-2007 18:22

The book is written by an American author.

*host walks in and asks Biggie to come talk with him in private*

Lucky Stiff

Mar-26-2007 21:09

*walks in and starts singing "I'm a little teapot, short and is my handle, here is my spout"*

Complete WITH hand gestures by the way :)

Washed Up Punter

Mar-26-2007 21:29

Is the book a work of fiction?

Chelsea Bando
Chelsea Bando

Mar-27-2007 01:52

no, the book is not fiction.

Chelsea Bando
Chelsea Bando

Mar-30-2007 01:16

unfortunately the team was unable to guess the name of the book.

Time for the next quiz.

Chelsea Bando
Chelsea Bando

Mar-30-2007 01:50

1 What was the title of the book where the money was hidden?
A Carried Away: The Bush Administration’s invasion of England in 2007
B Just Me and You Darling
C Carpenter Ant’s Home Invasion
D I never told you the name of the book
2 Which of the following sections has never existed on the sleuth message boards?
A Game Room
B Role Playing Stage
C Newbie Questions
D Ben’s Guide to Hacking the Site
3 Do you believe that the task for April 1st will be difficult?
A Yes
B Yes
C Yes
D All of the above
4 What happened to Naruto
A He was revealed as a multi of Werber
B He disappeared
C He was revealed as a multi of Ben
D He was revealed as a multi of Serges
5 What is the name of the host?
A Chelsea Bando
B Arthur Anderson
C Anderson Cooper
D Thomas the Tank Engine
6 Which of the following has not happened on the show?
A crunchpatty used the word swordfish
B a member who lost was invited back for a special guest role
C Ben’s house was torched for not approving Chelsea’ FM
D cfm went to Poland
7 Which of the following has not happened on the show?
A The team visited Wales
B The team visited cfm’s mansion in Nova Scotia
C The team visited Poland
D The team visited the United States
8 Which of the following has the mole done?
A quit sleuth
B gone on a hunt
C hacked Ben’s profile and placed Chelsea’s name there
D professed undying love to werber
9 In the mole’s profile picture, what color is the background?
A black
B grey
C multiple colors
D a single color other than grey or black
10 Which way are the eyes of the mole pointing in their profile picture?
A to the left
B to the right
C straight ahead
D other direction
11 Which of the following statements did the mole state at the beginning of the game?
A had seen the television show
B used Chelsea’s name in post
C none of the other choices
D mentioned a desire to be wall mounted

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