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The Mole: Detective Edition
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Chelsea Bando
Chelsea Bando

Feb-24-2007 20:22

Requirements to play the game: Must have at least 10,000 experience points and be an active member. Must be available for the next few weeks.

12 fortunate detectives will be brought together with the chance to win up to 100 grande (in sleuth money NOT real money. To be transferred to your detective's account at the end of the competition)

In order to win the money you will have to complete challenges as a team. However, there is one player called the mole, an operative I have hired to sabotage the game and decrease your winnings. At the end of each round each contestant will have to answer a series of questions relating to the challenges they have faced and about who they think is the mole. Whoever gets the least amount of the questions right will be eliminated from the competition. The mole cannot be eliminated from the competition since my operative will know all of the answers. When there are only three contestants remaining, the last quiz will be administered and the winner will be decided. The last one standing wins all the money.


Chelsea Bando
Chelsea Bando

Mar-30-2007 01:50

12 Which of the following did the mole do in the bookstore game?
A sabotaged the game by bribing the owner into telling one falsehood
B asked two questions and was forced to sing a song as a punishment
C asked one question
D did not ask any questions
13 What was the name of the store the mole operated?
A Styles by Design
B Bloomin’ Treasures
C Bull in a China Shoppe
D none of the above
14 How many total pieces of pottery did the mole order from the factory?
A did not order
B 1
C 2
D more than 2
15 How many pieces of pottery did the mole sell in total?
A did not offer anything for sale
B 0
C 1
D more than 1
16 After the plane trip, which van was the mole in?
A first van
B second van
C third van
D the mole drove in a golf cart
17 What skill did the mole possess that was displayed during the airplane section?
A juggling
B running to the bathroom
C drawing a picture
D none of the above
18 When did the mole earn an exemption?
A first round
B second round
C the mole has not earned an exemption yet
D first and second rounds
19 What skill set best describes the mole?
A tough
B charming
C smart
D a combination of the above
20 Which player is the Mole for this game?
A Arabella Parker
B Zanajana
C Emma Barlowe
D Jojo
E Biggie 528
F Crunchpatty
G Adam Carter
H Carrie Mehome
I Calalta
J AubreyJ

Washed Up Punter

Apr-7-2007 19:53

Is it maybe time to put this poor game out of its misery?

Emma Barlowe
Emma Barlowe

Apr-8-2007 19:58

What's been the hold-up? Has everyone answered the quiz?

Nikki Starr
Nikki Starr

Apr-10-2007 07:27

Do all msg. board games take this long? I'm sorry but AubreyJ has retired, so I can continue with Nikki, if the Mole is still going that is :)

Nikki Starr
Nikki Starr

Apr-15-2007 22:39

My other agent, AubreyJ has retired and continues here with Nikki Star :) Thanks!! :)

Arabella Parker
Arabella Parker

May-2-2007 16:25

Sorry to hear about AubreyJ. May Nikki live a long life solving many many crimes.

(and no clue if the Mole game will continue or not, but I hope it does)

Detective Matteo
Detective Matteo

May-4-2007 20:57

In another post chelsea told that he had to leave for the army...

Old Shoe

May-5-2007 00:02

yeah, there's a bunch of us on the left who'll be just nineteen kinds of ecstatic on that rainbow n' chocolate-stuffed day when the peace corps and the marine corps are the same thing...

Washed Up Punter

May-6-2007 15:18

*sits back in her lounge chair, sipping lemonade, eating apple pie and watching multi-colored My Little Ponies gallop by wearing natty little infantry caps*

Lucky Stiff

May-7-2007 06:13

on the left of what?


(Zan you forgot that theyre also carrying bayonettes)

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