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Solve A Lot2
Solve A Lot2
Assistant Librarian

Nov-17-2006 11:42

Since there has been so much debate about use of detectives in agencies, and now we are getting new rules - is there any reason to have agencies?

I thought the reason to be in an agency was to:
1) Get help with cases - by using each other's contacts
2) Ability to combine favors to win Treasure Hunts
3) Swap cases, in case an agent wanted a particular faction
4) Donate, swap, use cases that may otherwise go to waste

Again, I think agencies should make the rules about how to handle their agents and cases. As a paying subscriber, don't I have a right to do with my cases what I want? I am already limited in how many cases I could play a day, now I am going to be limited in what to do with my cases too??

If people feel their agent is getting abused, quit the agency, join another one that thinks like you, or don't belong to an agency.



Nov-18-2006 08:15

I would not think that an IP-based restriction would be a good idea, since some folks are accessing Sleuth from public/shared computers (libraries and whatnot). The infrastructure on public computers might have consistent IPs, which would lock whoever is the second Sleuth out, paying or not.


Nov-18-2006 12:59

I like the password sharing but for our agency it isn't going to be a terrible hardship. In fact, it could well give us an advantage as we consist of stay-at-home moms, self-employed persons and only one detective who works a fulltime job outside the home. Any day you can find 4 or 5 of us online at the same time playing and chatting and helping each other, and all this without any planning. A little effort on our part and all but 1 player can sleuth as a joint group so unavailable contacts are not a problem. What I forsee as a potential problem is it becoming difficult for a newbie to join an agency. The recruiting ads may start to look like ..... exp. detective with minimum of xxxx exp. points. City contacts for (insert home city) must be (insert missing contact) and you must be able to log on between the hours of (insert directors time schedule). Others need not apply."


Nov-18-2006 13:29

There's a point in that onenanna. Since the cry for all these changes were inspired by competitive arguments, new agents will learn quickly what the whip is all about....

And as far as a "real life" approach goes.....agencies better be filled with retired people or students with lots of holidays or people that are lucky enough to have a computer at work and with a boss that's not watching their step. Sleuth just ain't real life people, come on...

Lucky Stiff

Nov-18-2006 13:53

I don't think that's a very fair assessment Badass.

There are a lot of agencies out there that don't have requirements like those, or to a lesser extent. No one in my agency cracks any whips on anyone, their game play is up to them.

LilRach made a very good point on the rule change thread about PW sharing making the issue of teamwork sort of moot. It could force agency strategies to change, but that's happened before in the history of the game, and while I might not like the idea of not having it either, I can see the other side of it as well.

I agree with you, however, that sleuth is not real life. People have other things going on, and my agency at least has always made allowances for that, even at our most competitive. I have a job, where I can't play at work, but I still manage to get most of my cases done the majority of the time.


Nov-18-2006 14:44

Wait, wait....sleuth is not real life??? No more whip cracking??? Just what is the world coming to???

Sorry..I am just teasing.

I would point out that it still takes team work to be competitive even with PW sharing in place. When/If/How that happens, we all will adjust even if I don't like it. Just like you guys adjusted to other changes in the game.

Ranier Peperhaut
Ranier Peperhaut
Washed Up Punter

Nov-18-2006 15:47

It is only in the past month I have joined an agency where I had access to another detective. Of course it is SO convenient, and speeds the process up immensely.

But... I feel like I did well before without it, and I feel like we can all do well in the future without it, should it come to that.

Of course I hate waiting. Patience is not of my virtues, but it is a part of the game I have learned to live with. =)

On the plus side maybe if I can't get any help on the cases right then and there, I might actually pry myself away from the computer and *GASP* go outside! Lol.

Old Shoe

Nov-18-2006 18:03

But it's too bright outside in the real world, and there's that awful smell...oh god, fresh air, GASP, oh good, the ozone smell from my laptop's cooling fan, breathing easier, ok, much safer inside

Safety Officer

This reply has been deleted by a Moderator

Safety Officer

Nov-18-2006 18:20

(sometimes it's good to have the delete button)

and now in something resembling English...

*Password sharing* since we've wandered over to that, and that's somethign that can be discussed, as it's not set in concrete, only somethign Ben is 'thinking' about.

Me I'm all FOR password sharing. I've done heaps of trades with all kinds of people for favour items to get in good with the Steepers etc. And most of those trades have been done with me giving Paranoid_Android's pass to someone and saying 'go for your life'.

And I've really liked that because some people I've never spoken to before and it's been good to make a connection and do something positive for each other. And it's nice to have my notice Board with messages on it from someone other than 'me'. (Ever seen 'Mr Bean's Christmas' where he posts Xmas cards to himself lol)

I've had passes for all kinds of people to get into their Agency to help out with cases. Those passes change once I'm gone of course for security reasons.

For me it's prob. more a trust issue than a game's mechanics issue.

But I admit I don't fully understand the topic.

Battered Shoe

Nov-19-2006 14:55

I'm with you squirrel. I guess I don't really get what the problem is. In my agency, only the directors have my password and they've used it from time to time for the things such as:
- I'm a complete bonehead and log off and disappear wearing everyone's smart equipment
- I'm at work and can't log in and they need something (like checking PE because the case files are filled to the brim with cases that need my contact)
- Taking cases from me when I am on vacation or can't play so other players can use them.

I have given permission to my directors to use my account for these things. I've actually asked my directors to do these things, so I don't feel like I am a bottleneck for the other players. Can you imagine if my agency had no smart gear for a week because I was an idiot and forgot to put it back? I would feel so guilty. :(

I guess I don't understand what is wrong with any of this. We consider ourselves a team and I want my detective to do whatever she can to help my team at my agency.

Oh well :(

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