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Confess, ye sleuthy sinners!
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Old Shoe

Nov-16-2006 00:47

Sooo...the mighty gumshoe board feels a bit slow today. *Bob the Builder voice* Can we fix it? Yes we can!

Got a skeleton pounding on your closet? A secret in the attic? A monkey (no, not precious Bobo...and not the raging back hair you try to pass off as a Bonobo backpack either) on your back?

Let it all out, boo.

K, I'll start with a few (true) examples.

When I was 16, I robbed the house belonging to to heir of a pickle dynasty.

I used to steal Volkswagen signs to be more like one of the Beastie Boys.

I have bought more than one kind of deodorant in the same day, on the advice of a friend.

I salivate a little whenever I walk by a hot dog vendor.

I totally car-megeddoned a pigeon last month.

Sometimes, I find Bob Sagat funny.

I'm Canadian and I really don't care about hockey.

Plus, I covet my neighbor's ox every day.




Apr-11-2010 10:40

Cordy, I'm with you. I, too, talk to my suspects.

Thankfully, no one else is in the house when I do that...

Cordelia Falco
Cordelia Falco
Battered Shoe

Apr-12-2010 05:33

Thanks Ani for making feel slightly less barking... :)

And ta SS for the translation!

Kathryn Gumshoe the 7th
Kathryn Gumshoe the 7th
Battered Shoe

Apr-22-2010 13:23

Been a while since I've been to this thread. ;)

Okay, let's see what I haven't already mentioned...

I hate this generation but love Family Guy (mostly for the song-and-dance sequences).

I identify more with boys than girls (yet I'm a girl).

I'm terrible at talking to people.

I chew paper in the mornings instead of gum.

I like to tell people I never cry though that is clearly false.

I hate freshman yet I'm in love with one.

I once took two free ice cream sandwiches at lunch when we were only supposed to get one each.

I disco dance in the library at school.

I flip off any kissing couples at the movie theater, be they on the screen or in seats in front of me.

I can breathe like Darth Vader.

Anais Nin -- I'm sixteen and STILL can't ride a bike. Tried very unsuccessfully last summer. ;)

I laugh at Jack's fate in Titanic just to tick my romantically-minded sister off.

My favorite films are mostly war films and my friends think I'm crazy because of it.

I throw fits when my friends pull my hair right after eating chicken nuggets... a very radical vegetarian.

I only use the TV set to play my exercise DVDs.

I once had a complete fit at camp because I couldn't go to Narnia and see King Peter.

I yell every time I talk about movies.

When I was young, I was mad at my sister and drew a fuzzball picture, depicting her, and named it "Hairy Perri."

I know all the words to Mack the Knife except for the ones Bobby Darin didn't enunciate clearly enough.

All for now!

Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Apr-22-2010 15:59

Anais, I to this day, still cannot ride a bike..and have no desire to!

Cordelia Falco
Cordelia Falco
Battered Shoe

Apr-22-2010 23:28

I can just about stay on a bike, but not really in a straight line. Not a good idea in traffic, or anywhere where there are other people, or on a narrow path - let's face it, just not a good idea!

Some friends once made me go for a bike ride down some dark country lanes on Halloween. Every time I stopped, which was often, the chain fell off and we had to spend several minutes putting it back on, while wondering nervously what the eerie noises coming from behind the hedge were...

Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Apr-23-2010 07:36

*Plays some scary music for Cordie*

Old Shoe

Apr-24-2010 22:29

I blame all my farts on the nearest dog. If no real dogs are nearby, I blame them on a stuffed dog. That's why I always keep a stuffed dog in my man-purse. It's kinda awkward pulling it out without being noticed in some situations. Like on an elevator. Or if you just happen to be sharing a spacesuit.

That and an addiction to canned kidney beans are the reasons I never take elevators.

I always thought Kathryn would make a fabulous writer. Look who's crystal ball was the truthiest, yo!

Kathryn Gumshoe the 7th
Kathryn Gumshoe the 7th
Battered Shoe

Apr-25-2010 10:34

LOL, crunchpatty! :D And I do happen to be an aspiring writer, so, thanks. :D

Keira Ann
Keira Ann

Apr-25-2010 16:57

I watch VH1 reality shows, but not when anyone is around.

I am 28 and love the Twilight books and movies!

When I was 11, I put cattails in all my neighbor's door mail slots.

I once rode a trike down a slide on a dare.

Relating to the above dare, I had to have 4 stitches on my head.

I will try any food at least once.

I eat buffalo at least twice a week.

Wolf Girl 22
Wolf Girl 22

May-3-2010 20:16

I throw HUGE hissy fits when someone brakes my stuff. ( This inculudes smashing things thats not mine and screaming)

I threatened a guy at a pizza place because he asked me if I "Wanted to know what being with a "real" man felt like"

I once hit a cat with a shovel for catching a bird. Than forced my dad to take it to the vet

When I was in kindergarden I got punched in the eye and when I got back to school I beat the living mess out of the kid who gave it to me. (And I didn't even get in trouble) :D

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