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Confess, ye sleuthy sinners!
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Old Shoe

Nov-16-2006 00:47

Sooo...the mighty gumshoe board feels a bit slow today. *Bob the Builder voice* Can we fix it? Yes we can!

Got a skeleton pounding on your closet? A secret in the attic? A monkey (no, not precious Bobo...and not the raging back hair you try to pass off as a Bonobo backpack either) on your back?

Let it all out, boo.

K, I'll start with a few (true) examples.

When I was 16, I robbed the house belonging to to heir of a pickle dynasty.

I used to steal Volkswagen signs to be more like one of the Beastie Boys.

I have bought more than one kind of deodorant in the same day, on the advice of a friend.

I salivate a little whenever I walk by a hot dog vendor.

I totally car-megeddoned a pigeon last month.

Sometimes, I find Bob Sagat funny.

I'm Canadian and I really don't care about hockey.

Plus, I covet my neighbor's ox every day.



Adonis Parker
Adonis Parker

Sep-3-2007 11:48

I have to go to the Malaysian Embassy in Manila tomorrow morning at 8am to meet the Consul of Malaysia, and here I am, at 2am, chatting with you people.


Not that that's a bad thing, isn't it? ;)

Pinball Amateur

Sep-3-2007 13:00

Unlike the Cruncher, I *have* eaten a goose. Tastes like chicken, only less fishy. ;-/

When needed, I can lie better than practically anybody I know.

I absolutely loathe Pink Floyd's "The Wall".

(Blame my British upbringing on those. ;-)

I have no bloody clue what a 'kawaii emoticon' is. (thumps cane. Yeah, I know, I'm sooooo old. What of it, sonny?? ;-)

I actually like warm Coke or Pepsi. Drinking cold soda (with ice in it) hurts my mouth. (I know, I'm strange. Get over it. ;-)

And finally, I'm prob'ly the only female on the planet who absolutely hates, detests, and cannot STAND to go shopping. Clothes, food, whatever, especially shoes. (SHUDDER) (I know, I know, call the Enquirerer, you've just found a new species. Of what, you're not sure....;-)


Sep-3-2007 21:35

I've also eaten a goose. I thought it tasted like gamey duck. :-)

I, too, HATE clothes and shoe shopping. Starting to despise food shopping as well.

I think it's hilarious that Scotland Yard apparently hires and promotes people who have the writing skills of a third grader. I'd hate to have to read those reports....

I actually don't care that the last comment I made was rather sarcastic. Wow, this is cathartic. In the emotional sense.

I'm really pretty mild and non-confrontational, but this afternoon I created a public scene. I didn't care. They deserved it - damned bullies.

I'm even hoping I get to do that again. Damned bullies.

I not only like warm cola, I also like it flat (all the carbonation gone). I also like warm, flat ginger ale when I'm nauseous.

I have a dagger collection and keep several in various places near my bed, as well as fairly hidden in other parts of the house. I love daggers. No, I don't know why. I do not have the same fondness for swords or knives.

I belong to a medieval recreation group and love to dress in the gowns, all of which are handmade (except for one).

Kathryn Gumshoe the 7th
Kathryn Gumshoe the 7th
Battered Shoe

Sep-4-2007 20:04

Oh, Kawaii Kun that is so cool I LOVE broadway! Give my regards to broadway, YEAH!!!
And I can barely stand newer music, either...

And for yet more confessions...

I am supposed to be doing my homework right now.

I like movies that are sad.

I woke up this morning and thought it was 7 at night because it looked like sunset to me.

Once I took a laser light that I think said, "Don't get near eyes" or something like that and shined it in BOTH eyes. I'm not sure if I knew it was bad for eyes, though. I was 6 or 7.

I do not like good dreams.

I love algebra class!

I haven't been practicing my other 2 instruments for months.

I have a huge smart mouth that I'm hoping won't get me in trouble with my parents.


Sep-5-2007 13:11

Oooh, Anikka, you get to dress up in medieval gowns and stuff? That sounds SO fun! I keep trying to get one of my boyfriends to play some role-playing stuff with me, where I'm a KGB agent hiding a microfilme on my person, and he has to beat the the info out of me... but I guess that's a story for another time..... I also like daggers a lot. And when I say I like daggers, what I mean is that I carry a shank in my purse.
I happen to be a fan of warm soda (not flat, tho) and goose. I'll eat pretty much any animal, as long as it's cooked a little (provided it's not an animal I've been acquainted with).

Battered Shoe

Sep-6-2007 00:00

I have a mad girl-crush, (although I'm not entirely sure what I mean by that because I'm a happily, married woman...), on Anikka 'cause she's smart, funny and sassy!

Although I sometimes get crushed on Lady Emerald Devon too...

I can only drink flat, warm soda if it involves some alcohol.

I often wish that I had better text messaging humour.

I hate housework and I miss smoking cigarettes.

Battered Shoe

Mar-15-2009 14:45

I secretly watch all the Reality Shows on VH1 and have never told anyone.

It doesn't get any better than Sharon Osbourne yelling at a bunch of strippers and ex-porn stars. Come on!

Carolyn Spark
Carolyn Spark

Mar-15-2009 14:57

My ex moved to Los Angeles, where I'm pretty sure he's trying to get into the porn industry.

I used to breakdance. ;) I was terrible, but I tried so hard!

Old Shoe

Mar-15-2009 15:04

OMG, I watched all the new Reality Shows on VH1 as well. (maybe I shouldn't be proud of that)

Carolyn Spark
Carolyn Spark

Mar-15-2009 15:17

Mmm, reality shows are like popcorn for your brain...

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