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Confess, ye sleuthy sinners!
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Old Shoe

Nov-16-2006 00:47

Sooo...the mighty gumshoe board feels a bit slow today. *Bob the Builder voice* Can we fix it? Yes we can!

Got a skeleton pounding on your closet? A secret in the attic? A monkey (no, not precious Bobo...and not the raging back hair you try to pass off as a Bonobo backpack either) on your back?

Let it all out, boo.

K, I'll start with a few (true) examples.

When I was 16, I robbed the house belonging to to heir of a pickle dynasty.

I used to steal Volkswagen signs to be more like one of the Beastie Boys.

I have bought more than one kind of deodorant in the same day, on the advice of a friend.

I salivate a little whenever I walk by a hot dog vendor.

I totally car-megeddoned a pigeon last month.

Sometimes, I find Bob Sagat funny.

I'm Canadian and I really don't care about hockey.

Plus, I covet my neighbor's ox every day.



Jim Diamond
Jim Diamond

Jul-23-2007 22:24

- After playing the video game Jet Set Radio (renamed Jet Grind Radio in Europe, a really neat game where you ride inlines with a gang and you paint the walls in the city with grafitti while trying to stay away from the police), I strapped on my inlines and grabbed my spray cans and went out at around 3 am to spraypaint some dull gray surfaces. The game I played at my friends place was a pirated copy of the Japanese original. It had a warning message on the load screen saying something along the lines of "don't ride inlines and paint grafitti". Unfortunately I don't know Japanese.


Jul-24-2007 13:27

Thats so cool Kathryn and and my biggiest secret.

I got scared the other night when we went camping in my yard.
I was with my cousin (1 year younger than me) and we got scared by my cat. So we ran in the house. So sometimes I am scared and yes I scare easily.(sometimes)

Lucky Stiff

Jul-24-2007 15:43

Moutain loins scare me too.

Crunch, back off already will ya? ;)

Jim Diamond
Jim Diamond

Jul-24-2007 16:15

Mmm.. loins..


Jul-26-2007 02:21

Ok I confess!!

* I'm 21 and I know every episode of Spongebob and yes I still watch cartoons
* I even watch PBS
* I like to sleep in the day and stay awake at night
* I can cook like nobodys biznis!
*I think DDR is fun
*I got Lasik eye surgery.. yes.. I use to wear glasses
*I like animals more than people sometimes
*I'm the one who took the cookie from the cookie jar!!

Madame Pamela
Madame Pamela

Jul-26-2007 12:19

Ok I am 56 just recently started watching Spongebob, due to 2 yr old grandson, I think I am scared of the music, when it comes on I run the other way. Snakes, I am really afraid of snakes. Hate them!!! Had lasik surgery, they had to load me up on the valium I was sooo scared but hey, I sure felt wonderful while they did it. Scared I won't have enough money to retire, been working 40 yrs for the same company and too young to retire. SAD! I wished I married Robin Williams of course we never met but "Hey" if we did, I would marry him, would love to be with someone that could make me laugh until I cried all the time. Dislike negative people, I am truly wonderful and we I answer the phone at work, customer will say and how are you today, I say "Truly Wonderful" what a great reaction from them...


Jul-31-2007 17:51

Wow I did not know that Madame Pamela!!

Rocky Polinski
Rocky Polinski

Aug-1-2007 11:57

*I'm a girl. :3
*In the fifth grade, I made up a book for a book report and got an A (It was a great idea for a book, too. If I was into historical fiction, I'd write it.)
*I know every word in the movie You've Got Mail
*My DVD collection is nothing but animated kid movies from the '90s. I know all the songs to the musical ones. Even the ones you've forgotten about.
*I'm the reason my dog's leg didn't heal properly after surgery. :(
*My nighttime face cream left bleach spots on my step mom's best sheets.
*I didn't feel sorry about the latter.

Scarletta Jones
Scarletta Jones

Aug-1-2007 13:53

Forgive me, crunchy, for I have sinned! Heh...confessional sleuthy style!

* I've never had a boyfriend
* I love Star Trek (not that Next Generation tripe, but the original stuff), Star Wars, and X-men
* I think I now realize why I've never had a boyfriend
*I've always wanted to be a famous actress and/or singer
* My secret desire is to become a professional ballroom dancer
* I plan on marrying Daniel Radcliffe (although he won't return my phone calls...jk)
*In the second grade, I passed out in the beginning of our class's thanksgiving play, and now the teachers use the footage to remind kids to warn them if they're feeling sick before it starts
* I want to become a writer
*I want to sue JK Rowling for what happened in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (she better watch out)

And I'm going to shut up before someone I might know finds me here.


Aug-7-2007 18:14

OK this may not be shocking but...
I went to college for preLaw (dropped out to have babies) that's not the secret. I have a slightly above genius IQ but...

I cannot tell time on a clock face to save my life and
I'm obsessed with NASCAR.
*wails* I'm so sorry...Can you ever forgive me?!?!

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