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Like wow, gag me with the 80's
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Old Shoe

Sep-18-2006 01:29

You were a conscious little person in the 80's? Prove it. My proof:

Yeah I do a double take every time I see a black trans am because I think it might be the talking car from Knight Rider

I know all the words to the 'Fresh Prince of Bellair' theme song.

I have owned a pair of 'Hammer Pants'. D'ah d'uh d'uh d'uh...can't touch them.



Fiddler's Green
Fiddler's Green

Nov-27-2006 00:16

Liveaid ?

Old Shoe

Nov-27-2006 01:29

hahaha fiddler...I only saw LiveAid because my 'rents taped it.


Mistress Epiphany: I like you for reminding me about garbage pail kids. Oh, and one of my (1985) 11th birthday presents??? Yeah - a tour of the studio where fraggle rock was filmed.

Fiddler's Green
Fiddler's Green

Nov-27-2006 15:15

Fulton Mackay was the Captain - famous for being the Prison Officer in "Porridge" in the 80's

Fiddler's Green
Fiddler's Green

Nov-27-2006 15:16


Fawlty Towers, Spinal Tap and Plastique Bertrand on the Eurovision....

Skip Brubaker
Skip Brubaker

Nov-27-2006 17:04

"Different Strokes"
"The Facts of Life"


G.I. Joe

Duran Duran
Billy Idol

Gheri curl/bag included
Hospital scrubs with Addidas Sneakers
Michael Jackson Thriller jacket
Gazelle shades...(really large sunglasses.

Lucky Stiff

Nov-27-2006 19:16

you forgot some clothing items:

Z Cavaricci's
Hypercolor shirts (those were da bomb, since everytime you sweat, your armpits would change color)

ohh and I hear snap bracelets are coming back :)

Detective Betty
Detective Betty

Nov-28-2006 20:35

ok do I count I was born 1980 lol I grew up a child of the 80's and my brother would make me watch Thundercats while I wanted to watch Jam, to this day I can remember the them to Jam lol or is it Jem I think it might be Jem lol, but omg I loved the 80's and I love the 80's music, my all time song will for ever be " Time after time " by Cyndi Lauper. ooh and don't forget Debbie Gibson lol. oh yeah and just so you know crunch I HATED THE A-TEAM I got stuck watching that too a lot grr big brothers. although he let me watch Fraggle Rock, and the Smurfs gotta love Papa Smurf lol . Thanks for just bringing up this memory lane here grr. btw I have the movie Goonies na na na I like that one too but not as much as I do The Lost Boys lol. ooh and don't forget the movie The Breakfast Club that has gotta be an 80's classic :D lol.

Detective Betty
Detective Betty

Nov-28-2006 20:37

ooh yeah and the Simon game which I had one, and my brother broke it because it wasn't his, and because I beat him in that game :D hee hee only kind of computer type thing I had was an atari

Detective Betty
Detective Betty

Nov-28-2006 20:38

btw my mother was in that hands accross america thing :D

Old Shoe

Nov-28-2006 22:36

You Can't Do that on Television don't say it..*splat*

My Buddy and Kid Sister Dolls

My Buddy! My Buddy!
Wherever I go he's gonna go!
My buddy! My buddy! My buddy and Me!

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