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Anything and Nothing
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Lucky Stiff

Aug-23-2006 22:01

I have created a sleuth miracle!


Go ahead and try, but this thread is about anything and nothing, all at the the same time!

This is the place where Al can talk about world domination, Crunch can worship David Hasselhoff, SS can try and find even more complicated questions for his pub quizzes, Nikkie can advertise for Tim Tams, cfm can troll for more Sharpie victims, JR can beg for the chance to win Bobo back, and bedazzling can be a way of life!

So go off, rant and rave, talk about anything, i don't care, I just wanted to see my avatar on the page (when its actually me anyways)

So go ahead, I dare you all to try and hijack me :)


Armitage Shanks
Armitage Shanks

Sep-2-2007 09:26

Very true. Some movies are just all bad though.

Safety Officer

Sep-2-2007 16:50

ok USA cit's have probaby seen this around, but I only got it in my email on the weekend. This is the youtube clip of Miss Teen South Carolina 'answering, and I use the term loosely, a question in the recent Miss USA pageant.

Sure beauty is only skin deep, but stupid, hey that goes straight to the bone.

Scarletta Jones
Scarletta Jones

Sep-3-2007 17:45

Curse you Lady Z! *grabs holy water again* Back! Back!

In other news: Happy Labor Day. Hey, any excuse to not go to school/work is fine by me! Hope y'all had a nice holiday.

Weather: Warm, still, but like a freezer at night! I wear my winter pjs to bed and wake up sweating bullets...who came up with the phrase sweating bullets anyway?

Back to you...

Sleuth About Town

Sep-4-2007 10:51

Oh my Goodness, SS. That clip of Miss Teen Dumbass was hilarious.
I live in South Carolina and even people down here say,
" Mercy. What an idiot." LOL.

I'm just thankful that I'm actually from North Carolina.
And I'm not sure, but I think Pres. Bush has sent her an application to
take Rove's job,... or was it the Attorney General's job?

Maria South
Maria South

Sep-4-2007 16:32

Does anyone else ever feeling like randomly breaking out into songs? :/


Is anyone out there?

Battered Shoe

Sep-4-2007 18:26

I go with the feeling and randomly break into songs, and sometimes it's not random. Right now I want to sing, "Brick House," but am barely reining it in for my sleeping child.


Sep-4-2007 21:30

That would explain a certain post on the game board.

Laura, belt it out. The kid can sleep tomorrow.


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Sep-5-2007 03:30

Contrary to popular belief (at least Jojo's popular belief) I have never yelled, screamed or shouted out his name.

ONCE, something he said made me giggle when I was snogging - it was a random thought that flashed through my head but I have have other such random thoughts pop through my head during snogging, washing dishes, reading, playing Sleuth and many other random activities.

So, while I love and adore Jojo, it is a strictly plantonic love that has never seen me yell, scream or shout his name.

And while we're hair, Jojo, -I have never seen, let alone bean, to a personal trainer.

Old Shoe

Sep-12-2007 06:38

For those of us who spend a little too much time playing sleuth:

Armitage Shanks
Armitage Shanks

Sep-13-2007 07:02

Ow she's a brick.. duh duh duh house.. duh duh duh she's mighty mighty.. just letting it all hang out..


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