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Anything and Nothing
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Lucky Stiff

Aug-23-2006 22:01

I have created a sleuth miracle!


Go ahead and try, but this thread is about anything and nothing, all at the the same time!

This is the place where Al can talk about world domination, Crunch can worship David Hasselhoff, SS can try and find even more complicated questions for his pub quizzes, Nikkie can advertise for Tim Tams, cfm can troll for more Sharpie victims, JR can beg for the chance to win Bobo back, and bedazzling can be a way of life!

So go off, rant and rave, talk about anything, i don't care, I just wanted to see my avatar on the page (when its actually me anyways)

So go ahead, I dare you all to try and hijack me :)


Farm A Sea
Farm A Sea
Old Shoe

Aug-28-2007 01:48

Now for a the traffic report

I-95 from Us17 to I-495 (capital beltway). 45 minute ride time, all lanes are open with no incidents.

I-66 from US15 to Theodore Roosevelt bridge delays are growing , its a 40 minute drive slowing briefly at the Fairfax County parkway.

Sports anyone?

Armitage Shanks
Armitage Shanks

Aug-28-2007 09:34

"If you purposely set your dog's tail on fire, then I have just the match.."

Armitage Shanks
Armitage Shanks

Aug-28-2007 09:40

- "Pardon me, do you have a match?"

- "I use a lighter."

- "Better still."

- "Until they go wrong."

- "Exactly."

Douze points if you know the movie, and no google-cheating. ;)

Lady Zeugirdor
Lady Zeugirdor
Pinball Amateur

Aug-28-2007 15:00

Armitage, wasn't your last post suppose to go on the movie quotes thread?

In Sports today: some teams won and the others lost.

Oh, I have one more word to say.....Science!

Pinball Amateur

Aug-28-2007 17:06

Huh boy....Well, here goes nothing. :-/

Question #1:
A. true
B. true
C. and D. Dog doesn't have a tail (Thank God in this case :-/ )

Question #2:
A. tried that, didn't work.
B. think they call that prison??
C. think they call that justifiable cause for prison....

Question #3:
A. works for me
B. einh, fair enough, but hopefully there'll be something better next time?
C. not in your (or my) wildest nightmares

Question #4:
A. I have 8 names?? (Who??)
B. see answer #C of Question #3.
C. another Who??
D. got an Uncle named Bob (Actually, two, and I've heard that one before....)
E. also got a Great-great-great-great-Something-or-Another named Eunice. Ick.
F. guess I gotta go with this one, though my name's not Other. :-/

Question #5:
A. Doesn't everyone?
B. 'scuse me??...oh dear. ick.

Question #6:
A. Um, this is one of those double-entendre things, isn't it? Uh huh....
B. Er, no comment, again.
C. Doesn't everyone??
D. Actually, the donkey was a better resemblance. :-/

Hope the WANG has lots of fun analyzing these!! ;-D

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Aug-29-2007 02:59

Are you calling me a WANG? Is that a good thing? It's a good thing right.

Pinball Amateur

Aug-29-2007 12:06

chuckle. A WANG is a type of supercomputer. (And it'd go ballistic with the answers I gave. ;-)

Pinball Amateur

Aug-29-2007 12:15

And you, dear Leddie, are beyond comparison to a mere WANG! ;-)

Armitage Shanks
Armitage Shanks

Aug-30-2007 23:20

Lady Z, that isn't my favourite movie quote so, no. ;)

Lady Zeugirdor
Lady Zeugirdor
Pinball Amateur

Aug-31-2007 23:43

Well, everyone knows that you just can't have one favorite movie quote. Maybe it should be more like your favorite quote of any movie. Even bad movies have a good line in them sometimes.

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