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Riddle Me This...
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Racheal Greene
Racheal Greene

Jul-21-2006 23:40

Was wondering, what do people tell other people when they ask what sleuth is? I (as a joke) give the opening paragraph...

"Sleauth is an open ended..."

Then I try my best to explain but usually end up sending the link to them to try it for themselves. Anyone else do the same?



Jul-24-2006 19:01

OOPPS I meant I SOOO get thos reactions... dang that keyboard

Lucky Stiff

Jul-24-2006 19:55

Sure, when in doubt, blame the keyboard ;)

Old Shoe

Jul-25-2006 01:16

my favourite is from my significant other:

"what the f... is a sloot"?

Lucky Stiff

Jul-25-2006 10:23

LMAO Crunch

Emerald Drew
Emerald Drew
Old Shoe

Jul-26-2006 02:58

They ask if it ever ends. "Do you ever win?" I say, "No, but...." and they're already glazed over.

Safety Officer

Jul-26-2006 03:32

lol.. because it's fresh in my mind i feel like boring you all with this convo. with my nephew (he’s 11):

N: Whatcher playing?
SS: Sleuth
N: What’s a Sloof?
SS: SleuTH. s..l..e..u..t..h.. A detective… it’s a detective game.
N: Mmmm. *over pronounces* Slooffff. *steps back out of range* Can I use the computer now?
SS: No. I have to finish my case.
N: Case of what? (truly)
SS: *laughs* A case is what you call a job the detective is doing.
N: *shrugs and leans heavily into the chair in his best ‘I’m bored’ mode*
SS: I’m trying to catch a murderer.
N: *faintest twitch of interest* Who got killed?
SS: Reginald Goforth.
N: *laughs* That’s such a bogus name. Is it my go yet?
SS: No. I’m nearly finished though, I just have to ask the Barber to analyse a hair for me.
N: For DNA? (wiseass)
SS: No. Well yes, kind of. It’s set in the 1920’s, so there wasn’t DNA testing really.
N: The 1920’s, is that the olden days when you and dad were…
SS: Don’t say it!
N: *takes a step back* …little boys.
[quick chase around the house, tickle fight, I win of course, race back to computer.]
SS: Right, it’s nearly your go feral, just wait.
N: *peering at the screen and picture of the Barber* You’ll have to reboot, it’s frozen.
SS: *sighs* (I knew where this was going) No it’s not.
N: Graphics’not working. S’not moving.
SS: Sssss’not meant to ssss’notty.
N. *ignoring my feeble attempt at diction coaching* So it’s just a picture. (imagine severe look of disdain on said child's face)
SS: Well Yes, I suppose.
N: That’s soft! Is it my…
SS: *sighs & logs out* Yes!

15 minutes later… my brother arrives home from work.
B: *looks at son, headphones on, playing WoW, oblivious to all* Get kicked off again.
SS: *nods & points at crap doco on sink holes somewhere in the Amazon, on tv*
B: *winces* That bad. S’pose you were playing that dodgy black and white game again…
SS: Throws remote at brother…

And so the cycle continues…


Jul-26-2006 03:45

lol, yes us Sleuth players are the outcasts of society :)

I had my girlfriend's brother and a couple of my colleagues play this game, thinking it would affect the as well. after a couple of days they gave up playing. every time they inquire me now about my Sleuth experience, there's just that little something in their eyes that gives me this creepy feeling like I'm caught in some strayjacket :D

Lucky Stiff

Jul-26-2006 04:05

I just get the "Hey, can you come over tonight, or do you have to work your second job?"

Racheal Greene
Racheal Greene

Aug-1-2006 21:51

lol... well good to see I'm not the only one... Although no one fights me when I say "HEY!!! You're turn is when I finish the cases for today, the cases I have stored, or the treasure hunt... or all of the above." LOL

Al Z
Al Z

Aug-1-2006 22:20

I call it "Sleuth...the listen closely so I can ensure your life as you know it will now be over the same as mine..."

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