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Bad Habits & Phobias - Come on, Let em out
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Jul-11-2006 20:41

I really think that, as humans, our perfection lies in the so many little imperfections that make us different and unique. Among those are our habits and fears.
I am terrified of balloons! The sound of a balloon being blown up makes me jump up and hit the ceiling! Also, bees, maybe coz I've never been stung by one?

Bad habits: here's a nasty one: I'm a heavy smoker. And I nibble, not my nails, but the skin around them (I know, Yuck!)

So come on, let out the dirty secrets ;)



Dec-30-2006 10:08

Umm, hate to say it, but in winter I'm terrified of anything metal (see above comments by crunchy about static). I've been zapped so hard I've actually felt my heart jump. Scary.

Not scared of heights, but of falling. Being on the first rung of a ladder is scary. Oh, and stairs! I'm terrified of strange stairs. Scared of every spider except tarantulas (why? I dunno.).

Used to smoke, quit (cold turkey, no less) after smoking for seven years. That was 21 years ago. Yay, me! Managed not to turn into one of those rabid ex-smokers who runs around telling everyone else to quit. Yay, me!

My oh so very worst habit... (drumroll) ...meh, I'll tell you tomorrow. (YES! I am the world's very best-or worst- procrastinator! In fact, I'm so good [bad], the MSTWPC [Maybe SomeTime World Procrastination Club], which will be eventually formed, is going to some day give me an award! HAH!)

Assistant Postman

Dec-30-2006 10:20

Fears: I'm scared of ladders. Climbing them that is. I can make it to the second rung and then I get quesey and nervous.

I'm also seriously afraid of the dark. A weird phobia for an adult, but I am. And it didn't appear till I was about 12. But now I have to turn on the light before I enter a room. And sometimes when my fear gets real bad, I have to wake up my husband and make him talk to me to calm me down. I even have a nightlight.

Bad Habits: I bite my nails and I procrastinate.

Adam Carter
Adam Carter
Big Winner

Dec-30-2006 10:28

I am very impatient. If I am out in the car and someone in front is travelling slower than I would like (ie, slower than the speed limit) I tend to overtake them and slow them down even further, while winding down all the windows and putting classic FM on the stereo. Way too loud. And I bite my nails too, just when I get bored.

Lucky Stiff

Dec-30-2006 11:49

I spent all day yesterday getting zapped by static electricity, to the point my hands actually HURT....

I now have a new phobia


Dec-30-2006 13:20

I am serioulsy, seriously terrified of cramped spaces. I mean it..claustrophobia is the worst thing EVER!

Like on a plane, I spend most of the time crusing the aisles..yeah, I am THAT girl.

I refuse to take elevators unless it's more than 5 stories.

If the handicapped stall in the ladie's room is occupied, i will WAIT rather than use the other (much smaller) ones.

Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Dec-30-2006 13:35

I hear you on that Andrea, claustrophobia sucks.

Only difference is i NEVER use an elevator unless it is the only physically possible way to get somewhere. I once stopped in a hotel and i was 12 floors high..........and yes i climbed every single step to get up there.

Best workout i've ever had :)

Battered Shoe

Dec-30-2006 18:22

Wasps. Wasps. Wasps.

I am afraid of wasps.

So's my son now. Wonder where he got that from.

Did I mention wasps?

I can't eat outside in the summer, it's that bad.

Because of the WASPS.


Dec-30-2006 18:40

well, when for those who are claustrophobic... you'll know it's bad when you can't close the bathroom door to go to the bathroom or seriously not like to shower because of the small space. That's me, i can tolerate an elevator, if i'm the only one in it, lol... I can't climb stairs physically so i have to take the elevator, oh and i'm not afraid of climbing up ladders, i'm afraid of climbing down... i especially don't like outdoor swimming pool ladders, you know one of those that sits above the ground type pools, too wobbly for my taste. Spiders, snakes, bees, wasps, rodents, did i mention snakes and bees, oh and i'm very secretly afraid of... oh i can't tell, it's a secret... not many people know...

bad habits: smoking, biting nails (only when they bother me and no clippers around), eating (yes i'm one of those that eating has become a bad habit), procrastinating, and i tend to walk in and set stuff down wherever i happen to be and can't find them later... misplacing stuff all the time.


Jan-3-2007 08:47

Bad Habit: Getting on the computer when I should be cleaning my room. :P

Phobia: I hate electric lines. I'm paranoid that I'm going to be electrocuted. When I walk my dog at night, I seriously carry a flashlight and check the lines as I go to make sure they're not on the road or drooping or something, lol!

Old Shoe

Jan-4-2007 00:35

So, I'm scared of people with umbrellas poking my eyes out. Not just kinda scared, scared like I limber up a little bit before I go out in the rain in anticipation of the sweetfoot twinkletoes boogie I'm gonna have to do to deke out all those careless, eye-level umbrella-wielding inconsiderates.

Scared like I walk in a single file line whenever it's raining and I'm out with my friends.

Scared like I've actually thought this might be a reason to avoid England entirely.

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