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Adding new Factions
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R Anstett
R Anstett

May-24-2006 17:14

In the interest of keeping it to a seperate disussion from the new city thread lets start a thread on the new factions people would like to see.

For clarification this is just a wish list for what people are suggesting for new additions, nothing in this thread is currently in the works.

But we can always dream, Sleuth Admin is like Santa if you really believe you might find a nice present left for you.

In the new cities thread several places have been proposed. If there are any new cities added the following is presumed to occur:

2 new cities = existing factions expand in the number of cities they are resident in.

4 new cites = 6 new factions, each presumed to be teaching a new skill

So what factions and what skills are you dreaming of?


Solve A Lot2
Solve A Lot2
Assistant Librarian

May-24-2006 23:18

White Noise, do you mean like a skill that will allow you to recheck the crime scene if another detective without all physical evidence checks it?

If so, I think that would be a great idea. I don't think such a skill would make the cases too easy.

Story Teller

May-25-2006 02:49

Faction: The Kambrook Brotherhood
Skill: Culinary Premonition
Explanation: You can tell if your toast is burning whilst your playing Sleuth... ;)

Right now that'd be handy...


May-25-2006 11:14

Faction: The Smiling Sisters
Skill: The Power of Persuasion
Explanation: Increases the chances by 10% that the townsperson you ask for a favour will actually say yes - *grumble grumble grumble*

Lucian Ty
Lucian Ty

May-25-2006 14:12

Faction: The Society of Fatima
Skill: Observation
Explanation: Observe a suspect and discover whether he or she knows something useful about the killer. Can be used only on one person.

Faction: Opus Dei
Skill: Piety
Explanation: Befriend a suspect. You will be able to squeeze more questions out of him or her. Works randomly.


May-25-2006 20:37

What about a faction skill that allows you to transfer one case a day to another detective, when you are away from your HQs?

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

May-26-2006 05:21

*laughs* I love it Squirrel! There could be a whole lot of them!
Skills that let you make coffee while on the computer... skills that talk for you while you're in a middle of a hunts.. skills that feed, clothe and wash the baby!

Heh, basic skills that live your life for you while you feed your Sleuth Addiction!

R Anstett
R Anstett

May-26-2006 05:58

I like the Concept behind yours bwyk.

Right now we only hve one skill (Safe Cracking) that is only useful for detectives in agencies. Perhaps something along the lines of what you are talking about would be a nice addition to an agencies pool of skills. Perhaps it could only be used between two detectives that both have the same skill, one on the road and one in the home city? That should balance things out for hunts.

Old Shoe

May-26-2006 08:37

How about this one.

City: Moscow
Faction: Red Army (the Bolsheviks, Marxists who seized power in 1922)
Skill: Perception
Explanation: A smart skill that gives you a chance to detect if a suspect knows something he/she isn't telling you.

Lucky Stiff

May-26-2006 15:59

I sense a lot of Dan Brown on this thread....

Dr. Lucifer Jones
Dr. Lucifer Jones

May-26-2006 18:04

City: Cape Town, South Africa

Faction: Afrikaner Broederbond. This was a real secret organization in South Africa around the 1920's that were white-supremicists who became a driving force behind the Apartheid. I would like to say that I'm not endorsing racism, however, I think that if Cape Town were to become a city--which is does have quite a bit of potential for--it would be interesting to see such an organization that was actually known to exist.

IRL the AB was made up of very, very influential Afrikaners; doctors, military officials, the police, teachers, politicians, academics, professionals, and man other important and powerful figures beside. In its heyday it was one of the most watertight and successful secret societies in society--that we know of, of course.

Skill: Forgery.

Explanation: This Smart skill allows you to forge search documents and subpoenas successfully to trick most, if not all victims, and work within the system. The genius of it is that it allows you to use the system--something a detective works in free float from--to your advantage without really being noticed. However, the system's smart so you can only make one. In game terms it would allow to Pick Lock and force information out of ONE suspect or force ONE witness to answer all your questions and do what you request.

NOTE: The skill has no actual historical reference to the Afrikaner Broederbond that I know of. Again, I'm in no way endorsing racism or the Apartheid with this submission and understand it can be a painful memory to some.

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