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Old Shoe

Apr-23-2006 02:42

ok so other threads have the books, tv and movies questions sorted out...what about the music? What is the soundtrack of a sleuther's life? Albums...songs...artists...spit 'em out kiddies!

I'll start with a handful *knows in advance others' choices will give him an 'oh-yeah-smack-forehead' moment*:

Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon
Lauryn Hill: The Miseducation...
Garden State soundtrack (shoulda remembered that for the movie thread)
Led Zep: Houses of the Holy, Zeppelin 3
Ben Harper: Live from Mars
Broken Social Scene: You Forgot it in People
Fugees: Tha Score
Feist: Let it Die

sing people!


JimmyC 09
JimmyC 09
Old Shoe

Aug-2-2006 23:24

But this music thread is fun Cranchpatty! :D Thanks for waking it up!

~very tired and confused cfm

Con Artist

Aug-3-2006 00:28

Ok here goes nothing:
Albert King
O Brother Where Art Thou Soundtrack
Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack
BB King
Eric Clapton
The Band
Beastie Boys
Bella Fleck and the Flecktones
Big Bill Broonzy
Billie Holiday
Black Eyed Peas
Blues Traveller
Bob and Tom show Cd's
Bob Marley
Buckwheat Zydeco
Buddy Guy
Carlos Santanna
Grateful Dead
The Doors
ok my itunes list is way too long... johnny cash, Dave mathews, son house, robert johnson, louis armstrong, The Killers, yo yo ma, chris thomas king, cherry popping daddies, dixie chicks, dwight yokam ( i am from Bakersfield), and a bunch of others but i think i'm out of space and you guys are bored so I'll end here. :0)

Safety Officer

Aug-3-2006 00:48

lol and you only got to 'D' Justin. I like a nice mixed listening experience. I saw a movie where aliens communicated to someone by flicking through the radio stations of the car, I suspect putting your CD stacker on 'random' would be much the same experience mate :D love the Killers. My brother has a Dixie Chicks fixation, and it's even for the music.

Old Shoe

Aug-3-2006 00:59

haha..'D' is for 'Dammit, I'm goin over to Justin's!'

Nice list!

*would SO have itunes if those cursed wankers at visa would just take me off their blacklist*

Rosamund Clifford
Rosamund Clifford
Tale Spinner

Aug-3-2006 01:03

Aretha Franklin
Big Bill Broonzy
Huddy Leadbetter
Billie Holiday
Ella Fitzgerald
Sarah Vaughan
Otis Redding
Mahalia Jackson
Louis Armstrong
Duke Ellington
Count Basie
Charlie Parker
Dizzy Gillespie
Ray Charles
Gary Burton
Credence Clearwater Revival
and many, many more...

I tried to do them alphabetically like JR but I gave up, the list would be too long.


Aug-3-2006 07:10

QUEENSRYCHE Fave of ALL time with a tattoo to prove it. LOL
Fates Warning
Tori Amos
The Cure
Killswitch Engage
Motley Crue
And pretty much anything Sirius plays on HairNation23 ;)

Yeah, for the most part, I'm a metal chick. LMAO

Al Z
Al Z

Aug-3-2006 11:20

I listen to Cake, Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlin, R.E.M., Radio Head, They Might Be Giants, and a random batch of about 1,080 different songs I have on random ranging from Metallica to Eminem to Jethro Tull to King Crimson!

I don't really listen to country or classical.

Lucky Stiff

Aug-3-2006 16:18


Law and Order
Without a Trace
Saturday Night Live
Law and Order
Law and Order
Real World
Law and Order
That 70s Show
and ummm
Law and Order

(its on about 15 times a DAY, thats my only excuse lol)

Haven't been listening to any music lately so thats all i can contribute. i do occasionally listen to O&A replays on the web (XM is the best!)


Aug-3-2006 17:47

The Doors of Perception
The Australian Doors
Led Zeppelin
Frank Zappa
Deep Purple
The Who
Ennio Morricone
Iggy Pop & The Stooges
Ten years after
Jimi Hendrix
Steppen Wolf
Alice Cooper
Status Quo
Fleetwood Mac


Aug-3-2006 17:49

Oh, and Screamin' Jay Hawkins version (the original one!) of "I put a spell on you"

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