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Welcome Newbies....
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Apr-9-2006 22:34
(sticky post)


If you wish to enjoy the adventure of figuring out this game on your own, DO NOT read the rest of this post.

If you are too lazy to read through a page or two of threads to see if your question has already been asked a zillion times, then PLEASE read this first!

Welcome to Sleuth, and your new addiction.  There is no cure, so just accept it and enjoy it! Here are a few tips and hints that you should find helpful, and are among the FAQ of the newbie boards.

First, a great place to FIND ANSWERS and cool history threads about Sleuth is in the Moderator Picks Board. The Mods have picked out their favorite bits and made them easy to find. In addition to personal favorites, try looking over the Newbie FAQ. This can be found on the bottom of most pages as a tiny little grey link. Also the Help file at the upper right of most screens is packed with little useful tidbits.

HOW DO I SOLVE a case? First off…we recommend that you try the tutorial found on the front of the case page. It won’t count against your daily caseload, and it will give you an idea of how the game works. It’s not set up to walk you through the most efficient course through the game, but to show you how the game works, leaving you to find your own strategy. The following formulas will help you find your murderer.

PE+Fake/"none of your business" Alibi=guilty
WE+Fake/"none of your business" Alibi=guilty
2 WE = guilty

PE=Physical Evidence WE=Witness Evidence

Having a clammed suspect that will not give you an alibi is not the same as a fake/none alibi.




Apr-2-2007 17:24

It probably says only subscribed people can get contacts in cities other than NY.

Old Shoe

Apr-4-2007 09:17

Meetoo, you simply claimed that it was not true that you would get 2 contacts in each city, without specifying what you thought was untrue about that. This was deleted because it looked like you were saying that there was no guarantee of getting contacts, period.

Meetoo isn't the first person to have been confused by the wording here, so I'm going to clarify. This thread states:

"You'll get two contacts in each city (if you are subscribed)...eventually. "

As Andrea says, the point here is to indicate that only by subscribing can you get contacts outside NY, and was made in response to the literally dozens of people who assumed they could travel without subscribing. The unsubbed can have NY contacts. As per the Newbie FAQ:

"You can have up to 2 contacts in each city - one PE (physical evidence) contact (barber, banker, tailor, shoemaker) and one non-PE (fortune teller, bartender, waiter, etc.)."

Madame Pamela
Madame Pamela

Apr-5-2007 11:20

Help, I just received a Jade Bracelet but I had to sell an item. I did not have a choice not to accept the bracelet so I got rid of the umbrella as opposed to the suitcase. Was this wise? What do I want with the Bracelet? Don't get me wrong, I love jewerly, just don't see the benefit at this point.

R Anstett
R Anstett

Apr-5-2007 13:47

Various items have different point values to add to your Charm, Smart or Tough scores.

You want to have item that help out the side you are using, such as the +1 to charm if you are using rulebending or sweet talking. You can only have the two accessories, one hat, one coat, one pair of shoes so when you find a new item you should choose to keep the one that best helps the score you are using the most.

Luis Ortega
Luis Ortega

Apr-6-2007 12:12

Hi im a big newb... i have a small question, i still dont understand what are favors, how to get them , and what do i win with them

R Anstett
R Anstett

Apr-6-2007 12:41

You earn favors by solving cases.

After your first four successfuly solved cases, ask the townies if they need a favor. It is a "bonus case" if you will that will be a little harder but will give out a reward of an item of gear for you to use.

If you successfully complete that favor in three more cases you will earn another favor, and so on.

Madame Pamela
Madame Pamela

Apr-9-2007 07:34

I had a trench coat but when I solved a case I was given a worn coat but the value of the old coat was twice the coat I had, so I sold the trench coat only because the old (new-favor) coat was valued more. Was that right?

Safety Officer

Apr-9-2007 07:41

Yes, if the new coat was better for you stats wise. That is, depending on your archetype eg tough, charming, smart, and combinations thereof.

I'm Very Charming, so no way would I sell my +7 Charm coat worth $30,000 because I got a +9 Tough coat worth $50,000. It doesn't suit my stats so even though it's worth more in $'s it's not in gameplay.

Regardless of the $'s return, you should always choose clothes that will add to your stats, coz that will help you solve cases. And that's what it's all about after all :)


Apr-18-2007 12:53

no you also need Physical ev (found at crime scene) like hair or a note.
im also a newb but ive already solved 6 cases and i always needed Physical too.


Apr-18-2007 13:10

o wait nvm that last post, i was at the wong page.
but something else.
almost every1 clammed up! nobady talks.
ive read the FAQ but is there realy no way out?
not for a favor or waiting a day??
awnser please

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