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Favourite Movies
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Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Jan-12-2006 08:49

A Few Good Men
Terminator 1&2
Life is Beautiful (Did he HAVE to die??!!??)
The Princess Bride



Feb-20-2007 19:29

Oh yes:
I am very much hoping that the book Inkheart will become a movie, as I heard. Although I liked Inkspell better (more romance, lol) but anywho, I also hope Warriors will become a movie. It sooo has the makings of a great film.

And Nancy Drew... that Hollywood Hills thing! However could I forget that; I want to see it so bad.
Oh, I can't help myself... I love movies and I am talking too much... :)

Con Artist

Feb-20-2007 20:09

Boondock Saints
Donnie Darko
Rocky Horror Picture Show

I love movies so the list could go on and on and on and on but i wont bore you with it all :)

Old Shoe

Feb-20-2007 23:04

*crinkles nose* hey sleuthbot - you smell a bit like Corn! Familiar corn even! I know you from somewhere? :P

Bam_Punk, believe me - people with lots to say are appreciated 'round here. You're just fine. I have a bit of a top model thing too, but it's mostly cause my funny cousin comes over and calls people like that Anchil chick from last time (you remember her...the one with virtually no space between her hair and eyebrows?) cools names like Anchovy, Anvil and Manvil.

Yup yup, Kiss Kiss Bang is another great one; so is American History X. Me gots a little problem with the scene where Norton pulls out the smily though.

*wonders which of James Garner's scenes in The Notebook inspired that salute to Serges and still doesn't get what the Swayze has over Cenoe's family*

Ugh, have y'all SEEN the Wong Foo fiasco? Or Road House? In that one, he beats up a guy with a knifeboot :P

I gotta start a thread for movies we hate now...


Mar-3-2007 17:07

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
In the mouth of madness
The Deer Hunter

well i have more but thats enough i think.

Jack Robertson
Jack Robertson

Mar-3-2007 19:10

Ignoring Star Wars movies...

1. Lashou shentan (Hard Boiled)
2. Reservoir Dogs
3. Daredevil
4. Boondock Saints, The
5. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
6. The Untouchables
7. The Evil Dead 3 : Army of Darkness
8. Die xue shuang xiong (The Killer)
9. Hot Fuzz
10. From Dusk Till Dawn
11. The Way of the Gun
12. Ying huang boon sik (A Better Tommorow)
13. Léon (The Professional)
14. Braindead (Dead Alive)
15. Die Hard
16. Pulp Fiction
17. Black Hawk Down
18. Zulu
19. Kelly's Heroes
20. The Spy Who Loved Me

Madame Pamela
Madame Pamela

Mar-9-2007 11:36

The Game was wonderful!!!! Michael Douglas did a great acting job....the twists and turns had me on the edge of my seat. Need more movies like that!!!!


Mar-9-2007 19:55

Soooo many good ones, so many good ones already mentioned. Almost Famous one of the absolute best ever (for some reason, the Tiny Dancer sceen gets me everytime), of course Dirty Dancing, Donnie Darko, the Princess Bride, and excellent call on Labryinth. I'll add a general vote for all things Kevin Smith (esp. Vulgar, although it's not actually Kevin), Run Lola Run, Hard Core Logo, Owning Mahowney, and American Splendor. I just saw Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, and it is so much better then I ever would have dreamed, if you're in the right state of mind.

Oh, and another big shout out for Rocky Horror!!!

*does the Time Warp again*

Old Shoe

Oct-19-2007 00:12

You know what's a pretty good movie? Children of Men. Not really really good, but definitely better than my alternate plan of spending two hours channel surfing for witty commercials.

Tireless Tiger

Oct-19-2007 07:52

I thought Children of Men was pretty good as well. I saw it in the theaters when it came out. But if you are looking foor a movie that is REALLY good, watch The Prestige with Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale. David Bowie also does an excellent job as Nikola Tesla


Oct-20-2007 01:59

I enjoyed Children of Men as well. Not a favorite, but good and worth watching.

Some of my faves are kinda dumb :P
Napolean Dynamite
Dirty Dancing
Saturday Night Fever
16 Candles
the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie

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