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Sleuth Survey
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Colonel Shanty
Colonel Shanty

Nov-29-2005 13:47

I was just wondering about the survey that popped up when I logged on today. I completed it, then got to the City News. Did anyone else complete this survey? It never popped up before, and there is (as far as I know) no thread that speaks about it. Not even from Ben. Of course I had the choice to skip it, but I decided not to. Does this provide Ben with some information from detectives? Is he going to improve the game, or just keep a fact-file on some of the questions answered?

Still, I'm not sure if the survey is brand new, or an old thing that people have completed months ago. Wouldn't there be a thread somewhere? Anyway, I was just wondering...


Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Dec-3-2005 21:22

Alright, since you asked. Here are some of the results from the first week of the demographics survey:

1) Country: More than 50 different countries were represented in the survey, most of which had less than 1% of the users. The countries with 1% or more were:
40% - United States
9% - United Kingdom
7% - Canada
6% - Australia
5% - no answer
3% - Taiwan
3% - India
2% - Singapore
2% - Malaysia
1% - Brazil
1% - Phillipines
1% - Belgium
1% - Romania

2) Language - Not much surprise here. Over 80% of the respondents said English was their first language. No other language accounted for more than 5%. The only other languages with more than 1% were:
* Chinese (the survey didn't differentiate between Cantonese or Mandrin)
* Portuguese
* Dutch

3) Gender: This was about what I expected. 55% female and 45% male. The interesting part is that, if you just look at subscribers, the ratio goes up to 65% female, and 35% male. So, women are more likely to subscribe.

4) Age:
* 41% - 21-30 years
* 33% - 13-20 years
* 16% - 31-40 years (including me)
* 5% - 41-50 years
* 3% - under 13
* 1.5% - 51-60 years
* .5% - over 60

5) Connection Speed: This surprised me a little. I was expecting a few more dialup players, but most folks are high speed.
* 60% - Modem or DSL
* 25% - LAN/T1 or faster
* 11% - 56.6kbps or accelerated dialup
* 4% - 28.8 or slower

6) Hours online per day: This one could mean different things, depending on how you interpreted the question. For instance, I'm online whenever I'm at work, so it averages to well over 5 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, if I was just counting personal time online, it would probably be more like 1.5 hours a day. Anyway:
* 25% - More than five hours
* 24% - One to two hours
* 22% - three to five hours
* 6% - less than 1 hour a day


Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Dec-3-2005 21:25

7) Other Online games:
* 34% - two or three other games
* 34% - Just sleuth
* 16% - one other game
* 16% - hardcore (more than 3 other games)

8) Mystery Novels:
* 26% - Mystery Nut (more than 4 a year)
* 21% - One or two a year
* 19% - Two to four a year
* 17% - Don't read them
* 16% - yes, but less than one a year


Dec-4-2005 06:44

Thanks! Nice to know our posts are being watched too!

Colonel Shanty
Colonel Shanty

Dec-4-2005 13:05

Thank you Ben! The stats are interesting. I hope another survey pops up sooner or later!


Dec-6-2005 09:26

Considering that women are the target market. We should go from a black ground to pink, and lots of flowers and stuff. :) :) :)

At the least the ads for non subbed detectives should not be Paris Hilton and Anna Kournikova. But some hot beefie men. lol

Chelsea Bando
Chelsea Bando

Dec-6-2005 09:43

I love surveys. I want another one. It gives me another reason to come to sleuth, just to take the surveys. ;)


Dec-7-2005 16:24

Hey jstkdn, werent the shoes enough? ;)


Dec-7-2005 16:27

If we get a pink background with flowers, I swear I will beat my addiction in two seconds.

*shudders at the thought*

Old Shoe

Dec-7-2005 16:59

Agreed cfm!

However... That neon pink flashing sign that says, "ONLY SUBSCRIBERS CAN JOIN AGENCIES" still would be nice... :)


Oct-8-2011 13:49

Dang.......I don't know what in the heck I'm rambling about above...LOL. I have been reading some old post of mine....and a lot of stuff I posted was just down right rambling...LOL. Sorry!!!

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