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Away time
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Jul-13-2004 00:25

I'm a youth leader and go to conferences fairly regularly. I've been away for this past week and my standing with the hood has gone down from 38 to 22. Is there some way PLEASE that a detective can take holidays??



Jul-19-2004 20:17

Elsey just watches the display between jojo and Di. She then bursts out laughing.

"What is so funny?" Di demands.

"Oh, nothing," replies Elsey. "I was just watching you and jojo. You both crack me up!"


Jul-19-2004 23:57

Marni walked up and stared incredulously at the picnic goers. There was a seventies revival in the making right before her eyes.
All she wanted was holiday time.
She saw a sign - S.O.D.
"Hm.." She pondered.. "Can we really save our D's?"
At any moment now she expected Starsky to appear with words of useless wisdom and some sugar in tow, but this, of course, was not to happen, infact, something much more sinister was at hand...


Jul-20-2004 21:22

"Dear, Sweet Marni," Elsey exclaimed, "there is nothing sinister about our picnic. We are allowed to peacefully assemble and speak our minds. They are rights allowed in the Constitution!"

Elsey grinned at her ability to remember things from her high school government class.


Jul-20-2004 23:58

Marni looked at Elsey imploringly.
"It's not the picnic that's sinister," she began.
Marni tried really hard to think back to her high school government class, then recalled, she had not had one. In fact Australians had only been aware of America's existance after the release of kangaroos into Canada, and even then, it was only because they hopped too far south..
"Haven't you noticed the lifeless body lying over by the tree?"
Marni gestured southwards where a sole oak was growing.

Elsey turned to the direction she was pointing..


Jul-21-2004 00:19

"Marni," Elsey replied, "I DO like you, but your detective skills could use some work. That's not a dead person in that tree. That's Di, she's just sleeping. That new job of hers is really wearing her out. We thought that a nap in the tree would be GOOD for her!"

Elsey walked over and smacked Di's leg. Di jerked awake and fell to the ground.

"What?! I'm awake!" Di yelled out looking around in a daze.

Vin Riddick
Vin Riddick

Jul-21-2004 00:29

At that point Vin strolled by.

" What you all doing here?"

"Don't you remember Vin. We are picketing for vacation time." Elsey Hissed

She knew VIn was having one of her persoality episodes.

" Why would I have to remember that. You all are wastin your time. Ben and Sunny are on Vacation. I thought you knew that."

Just then shouts were heard across the street. Everyone turned to see what was the ruckess.

A little Man Ran down the street ranting about a Detective that put one of his Relatives away.

" Jeez," said Vin " I hope he isn't mad at me. I am going to go to the Agency and wait for a CLient"

Old Shoe

Jul-21-2004 17:17

"No Vin." Shouts jojo227. "He's not mad at you; he's mad at me! And Ben and Sunny aren't on vacation, they're in prison! That was Ben's brother (if he has one. If not it's his uncle)! I just put Sunny and Ben in cellular phone jail for not allowing "Rollover Cases." He'll be out soon, though. Then we run."

"I see...(?)" replies Vin.

Di slowly fell back asleep. joj227 goes over and puts her hand in a warm cup of water.

"Looks like Di is watering the tree and making a salt lick at the same time." Chuckles jojo227.

Elsey begins laughing and Di awakes thinking Elsey did it. jojo227 runs for his life with Elsey and the little man chasing after him, and Di chasing Elsey.

Marni and Vin look around.

"How come we're not chasing anyone?" asks Marni.

"I dun' know." Says Vin.

Suddenly Vin and Marni begin chasing a squirrel for no apparent reason.

jojo227 stops and so does everyone else.

"Hey! How come Ben can go on 'vacation', but we can't?!?!" Yells jojo227.

"I don't know!" yells elsey back!

"Let's go to cellular phone prison and get 'im!" shouts jojo227.

In the distance they all run towards CPP. A little man is seen running after them. Suddenly he collapses and graps his inhaler.



Jul-21-2004 20:53

"Why have a fox tail boa, when one can have a squirrel toe charm bracelet?" Marni asked Vin. Vin looked really happy with the idea for a split second, and then became mad, then sad, then glad, but then confused.
"What could an airline hostess possibly do with that?" she demanded.
Marni thought about that..She decided it was better NOT to tell Vin what an airline hostess could do with that.
Vin and Marni began making their way to CPP.

It became apparent that everyone had be lured from the admins residency...Was there a traitor in the midst?

Vin Riddick
Vin Riddick

Jul-22-2004 14:07

" Look at that Little Man Marni. DO you think he is alright?"

They both ran us to him.

"Excuse us are you alright?" Marni asks.

The Lieelt man looked up. He was shocked by the Beautifil creature that was in front of him. Then he remembered he was married and turned serious.

" Yes I am ok. I was running after two people but they got away. I am angery you see. Someone put my Uncle in Jail. And I know who that SOmeone is and I am going to Kill her."

Vin went limp and then straightened.

" You are a very rude little man. You don't go around Killing people. I am taking you to my agency to question you and get to the bottom of all this so we can work something out."

With that Vin Hauled the Little man up and carted him off leaving Marni to stare in Disbelief at the Sudden change to Vin's Demeanor.

" Jeez one minute she so sweet the next she so tough and mean and then the next she's like a kid.
Really Fasinating" she says out loud. SHe then turns and starts to go to the CPP.


Jul-23-2004 00:42

On the way Marni found jojo227 sweet talking a cop who had pulled him over. The cop had begun writing jojo227 a ticket for being drunk and disorderly in cyber town. Marni stopped "Hi," she began "Need any help officer?" She asked more mischieveiously.
"Not today sweetheart," the cop drawled. At that Marni decided it would be better to grab jojo227 and leave. "Come on,"
The cop made to go for his donut, but didn't find any "Where do you think you're going?" He snarled. Marni looked over her shoulder and replied "We're finished here, sweetheart" and with that left with jojo227 to find the rest.

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