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tips please
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Albert Renos
Albert Renos

Jul-7-2004 21:14

can your client die?
If you try two make the guilty people suspect somone will that person die?
Can you steal money from the bank after learning safe cracking?
What good is a lab in an agency?


D.L. Williams
D.L. Williams

Jul-8-2004 09:22

Hello Albert,

#1. I've never had my client die yet, but I read somewhere else that someone's client actually died. I still don't think it happens often, if at all.

#2. Suspects sometimes die at random. It doesnt have anything to do with who suspects whom. Sometimes people with real alibis die as well.

#3. [I don't know the answer to this question. Sorry. Here's a hint though. Ask Elsey. *winks*]

#4. The lab helps you analyse crime scene evidence that were not very specific. For example:

You found a Bloody Footprint at the scene of the crime. But it doesn't elaborate further to tell you whether the print belongs to someone who's Heavy or Slim. Clicking on the case will shed some light to these details.

Bear in mind the following things:

a) You can only help OTHER agency members analyse their evidence. You can't analyse your own crime scene evidence;

b) You can only analyse 1 particular evidence per day.

c) You can only perform this analysis well if you have the proper Smart Skills to differentiate the details. Below are the skills you will need and what they help you find:

Handwriting Analysis: Helps determine right or left handed handwriting

FootPrint Analysis: Helps determine footprints left by either HEavy or Slim people

Thread ANalysis: Helps you find threads at the crime scene

Advanced Thread Analysis: Helps determine if threads found are from Male or Female clothing

Hair Analysis: Helps you find hairs at the crime scene

Advanced Hair ANalysis: Helps determine if these hairs belong to someone with Straight or Curly hair.

Incidentally, these skills also help you analyse your OWN crime scene when you first open a case.

Dressing up with Smarts equipment will help enhance the proper working of your skills.

Equipment is usually given in exchange for a Favour you do for a townsfolk (like the barber, butcher etc).

D.L. Williams
D.L. Williams

Jul-8-2004 09:26

A Favour is given (if you ask the townsfolk) after every 4 successful cases. eg

4 Successful Cases = 1 Favour

Afterwhich the favour (if solved) is counted as 1 successful case towards the next favour ie:

1 Successful Favour + 3 Successful CAses = 1 Favour

I think Albert.. (if I remember your name correctly after talking to much).. I have digressed. Perhaps you would like to try reading the Help Section (top right-hand corner of your page) or the Newbie FAQ (a small link centred right at the bottom of your page).

james lee
james lee

Jul-8-2004 11:33

let's make the favours simple

3 succesful cases, + 1 favour, that's all you need to know, well, about getting favours,

james lee
james lee

Jul-8-2004 11:39

oh,dang, that should be three succesful cases equals one favour


Jul-8-2004 13:27

and if you should not succeed on the favor then you have to have 4 successful cases, than youll get another favor.


Jul-8-2004 14:21

And... NO, you cannot rob the bank with the safecracking skill :D

(though at times i wish i could)

Vin Riddick
Vin Riddick

Jul-13-2004 01:50

You guys are so helpful. And yes Your client can die. One of mine dies once a day.


Jul-13-2004 07:16

I've never had a client or the guilty suspect die, but any of your other suspects can. And I've never had more than one per case die.

D.L. Williams
D.L. Williams

Jul-13-2004 07:58

I've never had a client die on me either, let alone once a day!! *looks suspiciously at Vin holding the Tommy Gun*

Vin.. are you on one of your frenzies again? Or are you just talking about your day job and your REAL clients?


Old Shoe

Jul-13-2004 08:58

D.L. never fails to crack me up....

*crickets chrip*

OK that was fast. ;)

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