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Daily Vocabulary Quiz
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Blaise Joshua
Blaise Joshua

Jun-7-2005 23:57

OK ... as there are so many readers and writers here, we'll see if this is popular ...

I'll post a list of dictionary definitions and see if you can provide the word. I'll try to balance between making it too hard and making it interesting. I'll try and make it so that, even if you don't one right, you'll at least have heard the word before. For each quiz, all answers will begin with the same letter:



Jun-17-2005 16:51

1. saponaceous
2. saxatile
3. scaphoid
4. schadenfreude
5. senescent
6. simony
B. schunamitism

Blaise Joshua
Blaise Joshua

Jun-18-2005 09:54

Envy! I'm getting annoyed now! Do you know that casinos and other gaming institutions ban people for being too good at their games??? I'm not even going to give you your score, because we all know what it is ... perfect : o )


Jun-18-2005 10:16

*sigh* I am envious of Envy. This thread makes me feel like a moron.


Jun-19-2005 00:19

It's my grandparent's grandmother was always teaching me big words and my grandfather encouraged a very annoying reading habit that still persists to this day. *g* I can try to get some wrong next time...

Blaise Joshua
Blaise Joshua

Jun-19-2005 10:00

No ... I'm only kidding Envy : o )

OK ... all answers beginning with 'T':

1) adj. showy without taste or worth: gaudily adorned.

2) adj. pertaining to building: structual.

3) n. the (imaginary) transmitted influence of a previous mate on the offspring of a female by a later mate.

4) v.t. to scorch: to parch.

5) adj. very fierce: cruel: aggressive and discourteous.

6) n. baseness: depravity: vileness.

Bonus: n. fear of the number thirteen.

Madame Giry
Madame Giry

Jun-19-2005 13:40

2.)Don't know
3.)I'm dumb

Madame Giry
Madame Giry

Jun-19-2005 13:45

I'll give the definitions, you give me the words.

All answers start with S:

1.)n. A pictorial view of a street.

2.)adj. Belonging to the order of Strepsiptera

3.)n. Vigorous or bitter conflict

Blaise Joshua
Blaise Joshua

Jun-19-2005 14:15

Sorry M.Giry ... none right I'm afraid, but they are difficult. Anyone else?

Lady Grey
Lady Grey

Jun-19-2005 16:28

1) Taudry
2) Tensile
3) Transference
4) Pass
5) Terse
6) A Lady like me couldn't possibly know anything about that.
*Lady Grey feints at the thought*
B) triskaidecaphobia (I think I spelt that right)


Jun-19-2005 20:05

1. tawdry
2. tectonic
3. telegony
4. torrefy
5. truculent
6. turpitude
B. triskaidekaphobia

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