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Daily Vocabulary Quiz
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Blaise Joshua
Blaise Joshua

Jun-7-2005 23:57

OK ... as there are so many readers and writers here, we'll see if this is popular ...

I'll post a list of dictionary definitions and see if you can provide the word. I'll try to balance between making it too hard and making it interesting. I'll try and make it so that, even if you don't one right, you'll at least have heard the word before. For each quiz, all answers will begin with the same letter:



Jun-14-2005 09:57

1. ostium
2. orotund
5. obstreperous
6. obdurate

Esme Weatherwax
Esme Weatherwax

Jun-14-2005 12:36

1) oriform
2) orotund
5) obstreperous
6) obdurate


Jun-15-2005 12:02


Just didn't want this to be forgotten, curiosity is killing me! :o)

Blaise Joshua
Blaise Joshua

Jun-15-2005 16:35

OK ... (sorry about the delay) ...correct answers were:

1) Ostium (well done Envy) 2) Orotund 3) Opine 4) Oligarchy 5) Obstreperous) 6) Obdurate B) Ovicide

Pats on the back all round : o )


Jun-15-2005 18:44

#6 critque ?

Blaise Joshua
Blaise Joshua

Jun-16-2005 14:56

OK ... sorry I've been a bit slow with this one! All answers beginning with 'P':

1) adj. foreign: outlandish: making a pilgrimmage or journey.

2) n. loss: ruin: utter loss or ruin: the utter loss of happiness in a future state: hell.

3) n. the view that all mental activity is dreived from sexual instinct.

4) n. an example, exemplar.

5) n. a teacher: a pedant.

6) n. inclination: decided taste: bias. (Fr)

B) n. the act of stretching and yawning.

Esme Weatherwax
Esme Weatherwax

Jun-16-2005 20:18

1) peregrine
2) perdition
3) ?
4) paradigm (or maybe paragon)
5) preceptor
6) penchant

Bonus) pandiculation


Jun-16-2005 21:25

1. peregrinate
2. perdition
3. pansexualism
4. paradigm
5. pedagogue
6. penchant
B. pandiculation

mackenzie robbin
mackenzie robbin

Jun-16-2005 22:19

B> don't know :(

Blaise Joshua
Blaise Joshua

Jun-17-2005 01:12

Esme: 4/6+B Envy: 5/6+B Mackenzie: 5/6

Well done all. On to (gulp) 'Q'!

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