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Detective Biography

My mission in life has always been to help those who are down. For the past few years I had been doing so through the medical field, but as the days passed more and more unsolved violence seemed to come into my E.R..
I remember one day in particular.....
It was cold and rainy and my shift was just about over, I had faced the usual car accidents, flu patients, and occasional drunk. I headed into the lounge to finish up some last minute paperwork, but it was not to be.
"Doctor, doctor, quick!"
Turning to see what had caused the commotion, I was faced with a young girl bleeding profusely. It was clear that she had been stabbed and by somebody who knew what they were doing. Grabbing a gurney I rushed her into the trauma room, yelling for nurses as I went. Despite my best efforts she had bled out before I could staunch all of her wounds.
Now it was my awful duty to break the news to her family. After explaining the best way I could, I asked the broken family who could have done such an evil thing. We don't know but we suspect that it was her accountant. He had a lot of unpaid bills and she had just come into an inheritance.
"Of course the police, say that they will look into it, but with all the murders in this town, I doubt they will be able to solve this one."
Anger burned, a life gone just like that, over something as senseless as money. I knew the statistics better than this family and the likelihood of this case being solved was rather grim.
At that moment my life changed, I was tired of seeing lives taking away before their time. I needed a way to stope these crimes before they ever reached my ER. So I hung up my stethescope, put away my medical tomes, and set about acquiring a detective license. I was determined that these criminals would rue the day they made me change my calling.
My first case was that of my last patient and so I set out to ask a few questions. You see having been a doctor I had helped many people in this town, and in the process I had become the posser of many IOU's. Maybe it was time to start collecting on some of those. Topping my list was the banker I had treated him for chest pains a few months ago. I waited my turn.
"Dr. Mackenzie Robbin so nice to see you again. How may I help you....."


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