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Daily Vocabulary Quiz
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Blaise Joshua
Blaise Joshua

Jun-7-2005 23:57

OK ... as there are so many readers and writers here, we'll see if this is popular ...

I'll post a list of dictionary definitions and see if you can provide the word. I'll try to balance between making it too hard and making it interesting. I'll try and make it so that, even if you don't one right, you'll at least have heard the word before. For each quiz, all answers will begin with the same letter:


Lady Grey
Lady Grey

Jun-12-2005 12:01

1) Kazoo
2) kurd
3) kid
5) kudos
B) kleptocracy

LuVeLy K
LuVeLy K

Jun-12-2005 12:32

1. Kazoo
2. Khaki
3. Kife
4. knosp
5. kudos
6. Kasbah
B. Kleptocracy

Blaise Joshua
Blaise Joshua

Jun-12-2005 14:03

Lady Grey - 2/6: Luvely K - 5/6.

Word 3 and the bonus "silly" word are still outstanding (though kleptocracy is pretty good - I can't find it in any of my dictionaries but could it be a government based on heavy taxation??) : o )

Lady Grey
Lady Grey

Jun-12-2005 14:12

Its government by thieves Blaise.

Lady Grey
Lady Grey

Jun-12-2005 14:22

3) kit?

LuVeLy K
LuVeLy K

Jun-12-2005 14:29

Bonus: Kakistocracy??

Blaise Joshua
Blaise Joshua

Jun-12-2005 16:00

Lady Grey: Yes I know. It was a joke for those of us who live in countries of high taxation, which is theft by other means : o )

Luvely K: Yup. A government by the worst is called a 'kakistocracy' - which I think is set to become one of my favourite words ever!

The answer to (3)is 'kinchin'.

Blaise Joshua
Blaise Joshua

Jun-12-2005 16:21

All answers beginning with 'L':

1) adj. glaringly, wanly or dingily reddish-yellow or yellowish-brown: gloomily threatening: ghastly pale, wan: ghastly: melodramatically sensational: brimstony.

2) adj. mournful: dismal.

3) v.i. to study by lamplight: to discourne learnedly or pedantically.

4) adj. clear: transparent.

5) adj. expressing or expressed in few words: sententiously brief.

6) n. a bestowal or distribution of gifts.

B - n. excessive flow of words (could apply to this thread!)

John Hale
John Hale
Yarn Weaver

Jun-12-2005 16:40

1) Lurid
2) lugubrious
3) Lucid or Lucent
4) Legacy
5) Loquacious


Jun-12-2005 17:20

1. lurid
2. lugubrious
3. lucubration
4. limpid
5. laconical
6. largess
B. logorrhea

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