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Detective Biography

This is the beginning.
I grew up in a small town. I went to school in a one-room school and graduated soon thereafter. After analyzing my options I decided to get a job teaching in a nearby city. It was my only option to get out of town.

This is how it started.
I hated the city and all of the crime around me. I seldom felt safe and for good reason. I married a fellow collegue and we were looking to start fresh in a new town.

The day that changed my life.
Walking home from work one day, my husband was killed in a drive-by shooting. Turns out he was in debt up to his ears with his bookie, and they were tired of waiting for him to pay his gambling debts. I knew he was in trouble, though he never said anything and I didn't do anything about it.

This is how I became a detective.

So, I snatched the newspaper from my neighbors porch and began sifting through the ads. 4 hours later, I found my calling. I would be a detective and I would avenge my husbands' death. I found a wonderful agency who welcomed me with open arms, eventhough I was as green as they come.
Sirens was to be my home.
This is how I became a detective.

At Sirens...its all about balancing business and pleasure. Actually, its mostly about pleasure. One thing is for certain, we like a fully stocked bar and considered employing a full time bartender to satisfy our every need. This was chalked up as a bad idea considering that we have a handful of well qualified rookies to handle the job.
Speaking of the rookies, here they come now, armed with a slew of hot coffees and pastries. (Yes we DO train them well.) Tintti and Riley, the resident hounds, spring up from their horribly foul couch to greet the rookies. They know the routine. Fresh coffee plus one gullible rookie equals... a morning walk! They plop down the grub in the agent offices and proceed right back out the massive oak doors.

Kathryn and Katrina, our wonderful agents, are wonderful multitaskers and hence are in control of our morning meetings. For the past hour, they have been rifling through the daily newsies for anything related to our agencies current aseloads and objectives. They grab the grub and news clippings and quickly head to the Directors' Wing.

Currently residing in the Directors' area: Luvely K, Neritina, V Buster, LauraVo and Tollo

To be continued....


Order o Socrates:  Poor(-1)
Arcanum Brthrhd:  Fair(8)
Cosa Nostra:  Fair(1)
Eastern Triads:  Fair(9)
Circle of Light:  Poor(-3)
Green Hand:  Poor(-2)
The Tea Steepers:  Great(55)
Shangri La Tigers:  Terrible(-55)


Butcher (New York)
Shoe Maker (New York)
Tea Merchant (London)
Librarian (London)
Fish Monger (Shanghai)
Silk Merchant (Shanghai)
Bartender (Delhi)
Barber (Delhi)
Spice Merchant (Cairo)

Arch Villains

Alexandra "Machine Gun" Scroggs

Baron Oliver Wolf

Godfrey "the Scorpion" Grimm

Books Collected

The Mysterious Affair at Styles
Agatha Christie

A Scandal in Bohemia
Arthur Conan Doyle

The Hound of the Baskervilles
Arthur Conan Doyle

The Adventure of the Empty House
Arthur Conan Doyle

A History of Indian Philosophy
Surendranath Dasgupta