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How did you discover Sleuth!?
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May-25-2005 16:39

I found Sleuth almost by accident through a link from another game site (much inferior site, i might add) Glad I decided to try it out though! :D


Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Mar-3-2012 01:15

Ok now…le’me see…few years ago, late in the evening, temporary livin’ with my mother in law (and trust me, that’s a pain), wife pregnant and cranky on account of the construction team in our apartment not doin’ anything right, me strollin’ through the net for somethin’ to get me buried enough not hear anything that was goin’ on around me…and there was Sleuth. Bottom line: it worked. Got me a pretty nice addiction to it too.

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