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New Server

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Feb-18-2005 21:51

As you've probably noticed, I've finally gotten the new server up and running (yes it was pretty painful). This should give us a lot of room to grow, and the game should run a lot faster during those heavy load times, like weekday mornings.

I want to thank all the subscribers, and in particular all of the donors for helping to provide the money to buy the new hardware. I know it's no fun to try and play the game when you have to wait 30 seconds every time you click a link.

Anyway, we should be in good shape for awhile with the new setup. Thanks again everyone.



Feb-18-2005 21:53

Ahh Ben, you are just too good to us!!! Thank you, for everything! This dial up user REALLY appreciates the new server! :)


Feb-19-2005 03:25

Thanks a lot! This realy made a diffrence!

Old Shoe

Feb-19-2005 09:59

Poor cfmdec...dial-up is horrible!

I used to have it. Cable or DSL is well worth the money.

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