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Who or what is Neurocam?
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Ace Citizen
Ace Citizen

Jan-21-2005 06:07

For all those budding sleuths out there I need you to answer me a question, who or what is Neurocam? I know this may sound simple, but believe me these people weave a mysterious web.


Ace Citizen
Ace Citizen

Jan-26-2005 03:18

One of the most interesting points I've heard relating to Neurocam is "that you have some of the most rewarding experiences doing things that you wouldn't normally do". I must admit this has been creepy/fun since it started and I'm going to see where it takes me, and kicking and screaming I'm gonna take you with me. When I can! If I can!, or if Neurocam says I can! or maybe not. OK, we'll just see what happens

Old Shoe

Jan-26-2005 06:10

I also signed up, and received the email saying my application is being reviewed.
Given the fact that I simply gave them my email address and age, along with country I lived in, there is NO way this can be anything BUT a game. In today's technological world of fake email addresses and internet cafes, there's no way for a company, whether it's funded by a governmental agency or not, to do any sort of background check based on that little information. But I'll keep you informed, just like everyone else who is trying it!


Jan-26-2005 09:25

Anyone, especially someone with enough know-how to run their own server, can get your IP address, which can give them a good deal of information.

Old Shoe

Jan-26-2005 11:20

Right, IF you're signed on from a personal computer- not a work or public computer (i.e. a library or internet cafe.)

John Hale
John Hale
Yarn Weaver

Jan-26-2005 12:05

Faeryshan, you can do it. If a person wanted to, they can find you. Credit records are the easiest way, but there are others. Just remember that the IP address, though not identifying you, does pinpoint your whereabouts at that time. Between that, the supplied information, and a phone directory, you very likely be found by someone sufficiently motivated.

Old Shoe

Jan-26-2005 13:14

I know that it can be done, I suppose I'm more thinking along the lines that an company (or whatever) based out of Melbourne is not hiring for some top-secret job, government or not, over the internet. It has to be a game or some sort of hoax.

Old Shoe

Jan-26-2005 13:53

It is definately not some real organization that does things. It is most likely a game.

(I duplicated a site very much like theirs via It took about 20 minutes. Their site is not the most complex thing to recreate.)

Lady of Shadows

Jan-26-2005 14:52

i signed up and got an e-mail saying my application was being reviewed, then i just received this message today. very intriguing.
Dear Applicant

To conclude Neurocam?s application process ALL APPLICANTS are required
to complete the following questionnaire and perception-based

An assessment of the applicant?s suitability for operational deployment
will be made following the fulfillment of these non-negotiable


1. How did you hear about Neurocam?
2. What are your expectations of Neurocam?
3. What is your lucky number?
4. Do you instinctively turn left or right?
5. Complete this sentence ? ?Neurocam is??




Assess applicant?s perception abilities.


1. Write a detailed account of everything that happens between 4pm and
9pm on Monday January 31, 2005. Pay particular attention to any
occurrence which may be deemed ?out of the ordinary?. Include in your
account two images that represent the best and worst things that happen
on Monday 31, 2005.

2. Submit this report via email to by close of
business Friday February 4, 2005.


Not Applicable.


As with all Neurocam assignments, you will be assessed on the manner in
which you complete this assignment.

Intelligence and creativity are traits highly valued by Neurocam and a
demonstration of both of these will expedite your further advancement
within the organization. Your application and aptitude in this
assignment will be the basis for consideration for operational



Charles Hastings
Head, Operations Division
Neurocam International

Saxon Joshua
Saxon Joshua

Jan-26-2005 16:02

Regarding the above points between Bryola, Faeryshan and John Hale, I have to disagree. Finding people through the internet is usually exceptionally difficult if a person has taken basic precautions. A phone book will be of no use unless anyone registered to Neurocam with their real name, which would not be wise. Also, with the advent of broadband and dynamic IPs that change, it has made it all the more difficult. There are firms of investigative specialists who do nothing but try and track people through the internet - that's why it has become such a favourite tool of stalkers, criminals, terrorists and the like. Although it is theoretically possible, the resources that would need to be invested would be on an enormous, Governmental or military scale. Therefore, I agree with Faeryshan: Neurocam's claim to be undertaking a thorough background and suitability test on ALL applicants, on the basis of little more than a false name, email address and location is absurd. The difficulty in tracing people through the internet is soundly illustrated by Neurocam itself: if you type them in Google you will find that there are many, many people who want to find and uncover THEM. As yet, it would seem no one has been able to do it.


Jan-26-2005 16:45

Most providers worldwide have static IP addresses. As they ask for your city and state, and email address, it becomes much easier to find information. On top of that, if they installed a tracking cookie on the page you visited it becomes alo easier.
I also would say it depends on the ISP, and the country. For instance Austria will not even allow their customer data to even be stored outside of Austria, highly regulated in terms of outside access. In the Netherlands, an ISP has to hand over IP address by law to the government quite regularly, traffic, name, address, heavy on email, or websites from certain countries etc. We are forced to even store everyones email up to 5 years in come countries. I know on numerous of our customers, European wide for local, national, and European authorities we had to handover sometimes even internet behaviour patterns. I'd say not anyone can do it. But as there is some money behind Neurocam, and perhaps savvy people, a lot more becomes possible then to the average person. I don't know what Australia's/Melbourne's biggest ISP is, but if I launced a site like this in Europe, as I work for the largest broadband provider here....I can even give you a call on your private number. :)

I can think of way easier things. For instance they don't ask for your name. My email address does not have my name in it. So it says "dear applicant", chances are when I send them an email and my name will show up....wanna bet, then they suddenly know my name? You can find a lot more results on top of that with googling, etc. I think this is what they potentially do, they probably have an engine set up, by one click of a button they can scan all those sites in one go.

Or....they are really a bunch of mormons, sitting there laughing their heads off out there in Utah. They even got a nice trip to Australia out of it. :)

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