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The Resistance: Lurker Edition
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The Announcer
The Announcer

Jul-1-2017 09:19

Hello everyone. I’ll be hosting another game of Resistance, and I encourage all lurkers from the previous game(s) to come out and play! We’ll keep it simple with just gameplay and no story this time. And if you’ve never played before, feel free to jump right in, because we all need more imaginary problems to worry about. :)

The game takes place over a series of 5 "missions." The Resistance is trying to complete 3 missions successfully, while the spies are attempting to sabotage 3 missions. First one to 3 wins.

I will serve as game master. Once we get enough people to play (5-10 total), I will PM everyone their allegiance (either "Resistance" or "Spy"). If you are a "Spy," I will also PM you the names of your co-conspirators.

A "leader" will be chosen at random for the first mission. The leader has 2 important functions:
1) The leader will assign various "role" abilities to players. These are one-shot special powers a player can use to learn more information about someone.
2) The leader will assign players to the "team" for that mission.

Missions will have a varying number of players who are selected; the leader picks a team, then every player will vote on whether or not they approve the team by PMing me. Once all the votes are cast, I will post the voting results. If a majority approves the team, the mission starts. If not, the mission does not start, and the next player in line becomes the new "leader" for that round. This continues until either a mission is approved, or 5 consecutive mission teams are rejected (in which case the spies win automatically.)

Once a mission team is approved, those players will PM me their choice of action during that mission. Resistance players will ALWAYS choose to have the mission succeed by sending "Success," while spies have a choice: they can either elect to have the mission succeed (to throw off suspicion), or they can "Sabotage" the mission.



Jul-19-2017 21:45

He's here, he's there, then he's not anywhere. Far to the horizon and near right in front of you. The most mysterious man who walk on the earth :)) LOL . Maybe Yeti's got busy this time. he hasn't online much.

shell marple
shell marple
Con Artist

Jul-19-2017 21:47

I've had that happen a couple times to me in the past. So now when I make a long post or just take a long time putting my thoughts together, I copy my post before I hit the post button. That way if I get kicked to the login page I just come back and paste my post again.

Or if I know it will be long, I sometimes write it in note or something similar and than copy paste to the boards.

I got really tired of losing my hard work to the sleuth servers bad timing.

Sal Iva
Sal Iva
Little Monster

Jul-19-2017 22:04

Well, I answered again and again no posting. I will answer shell, but it gonna have to wait now because that's twice in a row and 3 or the last 4 times. I'm not doing it again tonight.

I will try to remember your advice the next time. I want to say it right and I don't want to put a close answer up.

Zara Bande
Zara Bande
Bounty Hunter

Jul-20-2017 01:37

I’m confused about some of the cards Bela has mentioned e.g. OPEN UP and ESTABLISH CONFIDENCE. The first sounds as if it might be similar to IN THE SPOTLIGHT. The second - I have no idea. But I guess I don’t need to worry since, if they’re offered, The Announcer will explain all.

Building layers of evidence sounds fine, Sindy, but I disagree that “if you have two people confirming one person's allegiance you can be pretty sure about that person's allegiance.” Not if those two people are spies. Not if they have discussed on the message thread how one should use it on the other etc. Yes, as shell says, it can tie them together but as what? If a lot of other information seems put them on opposite side of the fence, it doesn’t clear up the SPY versus RESISTANCE question.

Sindy has also said: “I'm pretty sure you can determine why always voting YES is suspicious.” - well, I’m afraid I can’t think of any plausible reason that would infallibly aid a spy. Bela states (Jul-19-2017 13:11): “Also, voting YES to everything needn't solely be a Res attribute: as a spy, it's easier to just do that, especially when you're not on the team.” In what way ‘easier’” How is it beneficial to the spies?

According to some players it seems that voting YES is suspect, voting NO (as Bela has primarily done unless she herself is on the team) is suspect, and voting NO-YES (as Sal has done) is suspect. So everything is suspect, lol. What else is new?

So far one spy strategy (imho) has been to reject successive mission team proposals in the hope of pushing things to the stage where players HAVE to accept a team or let the spies win by DEFAULT. And here we are again - already at Mission 3, Team 3. Did somebody mention deja-vu?

shell marple
shell marple
Con Artist

Jul-20-2017 05:01

That's the beauty of this game, anything you do can be given reasonable explanations for either side.

As far as rejecting team missions go until a team has to be selected, I agree that could be a spy ploy. But it is difficult to control. Also in this game, both mission 1 and 2 team 1's were actually accepted. But both failed to come to fruition because of the use of no confidence cards.

Sleuth Sindy
Sleuth Sindy
Pinball Wizard

Jul-20-2017 06:27

Zara, why on earth - as Resistance - would you vote for a team who had someone you suspected of being a spy on it? And how does it help your fellow Resistance members determine your allegiance?

Also, as someone else said (I think) if a spy uses a card on you and lies or if you out a spy and then are called a liar, at least *you* are 100% sure of that person's allegiance. If two spies lie lie for each other, then once you uncover one the other falls with them.

So, basically, what you're saying Zara is it's hopeless to determine who the spies are? That sounds like spy-speak to me. You have just moved up to my TOP 3 MOST LIKELY SPIES list.

The Announcer
The Announcer

Jul-20-2017 06:46

The results of the vote on miss snopes' MISSION 3 TEAM 3 Proposal are in.

miss snopes proposed a team of
-miss snopes

The mission proposal has been REJECTED by a vote of 5-3. The votes are as follows.

Sal Iva YES
Tyranomaster3 NO
Sleuth Sindy NO
AspenK NO
Bela Talbot III NO
shell marple NO
Zara Bande YES
miss snopes YES

Leadership will now move on to Sal, unless shell wishes to use STRONG LEADER.

After that has been decided, will the next leader please propose a team of four people. Then everyone must PM me "Mission 3, Team 4: YES/NO" within 24 hours after the proposal.

The Announcer
The Announcer

Jul-20-2017 06:48

A tip for making sure you stay logged in while typing a long post: keep your mailbox open.

Bela Talbot III
Bela Talbot III
Con Artist

Jul-20-2017 07:35

Replies first:

Missy [Jul-19-2017 13:53]
Not if they felt like they would have to defend a NO vote. Some spies like to take the lead, but others like to remain in the background and generally go with the flow and do their spy duty if/when they're put on a mission. But I see what you're saying.

ESTABLISH CONFIDENCE: the leader picks a person to have their (the leader's) allegiance revealed to - the game moderator PMs whoever the leader chooses with the leader's allegiance.

OPEN UP: Receiver of this card can pick whom to reveal their own allegiance to - the same as ESTABLISH... except that ESTABLISH... necessarily reveals the leader's allegiance while OPEN UP can be assigned by the leader to someone else (say, A) and A will have to reveal A's allegiance to a person of A's choice. Sorry I can't take the time to put this more elegantly. XD Allegiance PMd to target the same way as ESTABLISH... .

OVERHEARD CONVERSATION: Receiver of this card can choose to learn the allegiance of the player right above or below them on the player list - this info is PMd to the card holder by the moderator.

A few people have already done this, I'd like to see what ideas the others as to how these cards should be distributed if (please!) these cards were to be given out next.

Well, I don't think anybody's going to hand me their allegiance on a silver platter after M2, so I was being realistic with my distribution picks. It'd also be better if info was revealed to somebody who's generally trusted (and I realise that isn't me right now XD). BUT if anybody'd like to reveal their allegiance to me, feel free to go ahead and do so, I can promise you I'll fight for you to be included on teams over myself. See, I'm not all bad. :P

I love the allegiance-revealing cards; no matter who uses them, the links are pretty great to work with, although I will admit that I'm disappointed when the people involved agree that the other is Resistance and there is no fighting. :D

Bela Talbot III
Bela Talbot III
Con Artist

Jul-20-2017 07:46

shell [ Jul-19-2017 15:40], I don't know, generally Sal wouldn't (well, hasn't) argue/d his case much when he's a spy. I do agree that there isn't much to go on though, so

yes, everybody, please try to save your carefully crafted posts in case they get lost...personally when I'm logged out after one of those (doesn't happen too often on the boards; PMs however are another story) I just click back and the old page with all my text is there safe and sound. I log in using another tab, and then return to the previous tab and click post. I don't know if I'm not supposed to be doing the back thing, but I hate having to rewrite long posts and this generally works. Maybe it varies from device to device or browser to browser though.

LOL @ Sindy; I still can't shake the feeling that you're a spy, but as far as I'm aware it isn't based on fact. Between you and Zara, I've convinced myself that I shouldn't play back-to-back Resistance games; the lingering suspicion is just too strong to overrule! XD

Also I feel like using one of the 3 cards on Sal would not be the most efficient way to use them (using a gazillion cards just on him); we might be able to suss out one portion of the spies out but be left in the dark as to the others.

As for the power cards link thing: sure, since they were PM-use, you can't be sure of what is reported on the boards, but it's not like we don't know that we shouldn't take what is said here at face value anyway. It is better than nothing and helped us last game to come up with a (somewat :S) shortened list of all the spy combos.

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