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Whitney Leah
Whitney Leah

Sep-14-2016 18:16

So, I have an idea for a SM, but before I even start writing it, I would like to know if it would even be looked at due to content.

I want it to happen in an asylum with an attached Eugenics center. This game is set in the 1930's and Eugenics was going strong.

This is of course one of the most disgusting parts of human history, and I wouldn't "show" anything graphic, but Eugenics is a horrible subject and had terrible consequences on human beings. I would delve a bit into what it did to people and how it shaped the people deemed "lesser" by Eugenicists.

Would my mystery even be looked at? Or would it depend on how I used the Eugenics movement?

Thank you!



Safety Officer

Sep-15-2016 19:04

Sounds Interesting. It certainly fits the time period of Noir. And I'm all for putting things into historical context.

Besides Riza needs a new editing project. :)

Whitney Leah
Whitney Leah

Sep-15-2016 20:01

Well, it will be a while before there is anything for Madame Riza to edit, I have only outlined a little bit at this point. And, I am not sure how deep into Eugenics I'll go.

Thank you for your reply, I am now more comfortable with really starting to script something.

Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Sep-19-2016 08:13

I think the eugenics angle sounds really interesting. I'd just remember the game has a younger audience too but as you've already said you're not going to include anything too gory it shouldn't be an issue.

Can't wait to see it :)

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