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Whispers in the Dark

Karl Fairburne
Karl Fairburne

Aug-3-2016 16:51

Karl Fairburne stared deeply in the woman's eyes. She was young and beautiful with emerald green eyes and locks of dark red hair. Jane Doe, as Karl referred to her, couldn't have been any older than twenty-one; so young to have a life taken away.

She was placed in the city park near the fountain. The grass on which she lay, seemed to be undisturbed. Karl looked around. No foot prints near by, no tire tracks, no drag marks, nothing. For once, Karl was at a loss for words. In all his years he had never seen anything like this.

"Dr. Fairburne?"

Karl looked up to see a young reporter. "Can you tell us anything about the body? About the victim?"

"No," he snapped, "now go away and let me finish my work."

"Karl!" Someone called.

Karl rolled his eyes as he turned around to see the police chief coming towards him. Chief Barnes was a large man with a belly that bulged over his belt.

"Dr. Fairburne," Karl said correcting the chief.

"Dr. Fairburne, sorry," the chief said. "What can you tell me about the victim?"

"All I can tell you is that she was placed here, just as your detectives figured out before you called me. I can tell you more once I'm able to perform an autopsy. With that said, there are no signs of a struggle and no signs of sexual assault. Why are you even here, chief?"

"What do you mean? You know we're on the same side. And with the elections coming up-"

"The elections? You showed up here to help investigate a death for the first time in nearly twenty years because of the elections? The people here have already lost faith in you, why bother?"


Karl Fairburne
Karl Fairburne

Aug-3-2016 17:06

The sun had started to set as Karl and his assistant left to perform the autopsy. Karl's anger still had not left after his encounter with the police chief. "Fat bastard," Karl thought to himself. He hated Chief Grady and all he stood for. The man was as crooked and lazy as they come and the people were tired of him. Despite the elections, Karl knew Grady would still stay police chief. The mafia made sure of that for him turning a blind eye to their extortion. As long as they got what they wanted, he was kept in power.

It was dark when Karl finally had the young woman on his exam table. No bruising or marks could be found anywhere on her body. He drew a sample of some blood. "Take this to Mr. Ray up stairs. Have him analyze this and give me a full tox report." He handed the vial of blood to his assistant, Alan.

"Yes, sir," Alan said running out the door. After prepping the body, he grabbed his scalpel and made a cut from the victim's sternum down to her naval.

"Let's begin," Karl said to himself.

Beulah Mae Dodson
Beulah Mae Dodson

Aug-28-2016 05:41

"Y'all seen this here girl?" Beulah barked, setting her chin determinedly as conversation faltered and the shopgoers in the general store turned their eyes to the doorway. There stood a slip of a girl, with dirt smudged on her face, flyaway hair and a tough look about her. Each person in the dusty little store looked askance at each other, not familiar with this newcomer to Monroe, Georgia.

Finally a man in a workmans shirt stepped forward, wiping beads of sweat off his brow as he took the photograph from her hand for examination. "Who's this little lady? He asked kindly.

"That's my sister. She went missing a week ago, and I come from yonder cause I figured she might head to the city chasing that beau she's got." Beulah set her hands on her hips. "You seen her?"

The man shook his head, but his initiative spurred the other citizens to step forward and look. A tension began to darken the air, and whispers filled the space even as Beulah's stomach filled with dread.

Finally a kindly-looking woman stepped forward and grasped Beulah's arm. "Dear I think you'd best pursue this matter at the police station. I will show you the way myself."

Pinball Amateur

Jul-19-2017 03:41

A girl looking like in her mid-20's and Lailah come to me at the counter. "What can i assist you with?" ask me to my guests.

Lailah, a kindly-looking woman who lives a couple block from the police station is the first one who open her mouth."This poor girl here looking for her sister. This is her picture." She show me the picture of girl with dirt smudged on her face, flyaway hair and a tough look.

"Oh my, isn't this.." William, my partner at the counter have a peek at my shoulder when they present the slip. "Do you recognize her?" asking me to William. "Yeah. This is the girl they found near the fountain. Now the body with Dr. Fairburne as i heard the chief said. For autopsy." Said William.

I look at the ladies and tell them to wait at the bench while i get the chief to confirm the information given by William to me. Before i left, i take a little look at the girl who lost her sister. I feel sorry toward her lost. I then continued my way to Chief Grady room.

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