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Scripted Mystery

Indian Dream

by Joseph Zeo
Difficulty: Incredibly hard
City: Delhi


A little girl dreams about death. When she wakes she finds her father murdered. Coincidence? Premonition? You've been around too long to get caught in flights of fancy... haven't you? Stick to the facts, tread carefully, and choose your questions wisely.


The little girl trotted through the virgin jungle in her bare feet. The sun was baking above her head, and beads of sweat dripped down her forehead. She stopped to catch her breath; the sound of beetles echoed in the hot humid air. Running ahead of her, the orangutan with long golden-orange hair looked back and started waving its arms. With high-pitched vocals, the great ape beckoned her forward, but her legs really didn't want to move.

The sound of a gunshot bellowed in the distance, and the girl started running again. The ground was uneven and covered with vines and brushes. She stumbled, got up quickly, and dashed forward. Suddenly she heard the sound of metal springing and felt a sharp pain in her left foot. She couldn't move forward. She looked down and saw red. A trap. ...