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The Case of the Vanishing Turkeys: A RP stage holidays short
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Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Dec-5-2015 09:28

Everyone was invited.

The Bureau Chief of NYPD decided to open his house for all detectives, both NYPD staff and private eyes, to celebrate the holidays with his family. The scent of cinnamon and vanilla candles filled the air, and his three-story Georgian home was decorated from the tip of the roof to the base of the footing in red and green and gold.

"Wow your wife really did a number with this place!" Joseph Zeo applauded, who usually did not give praises to anyone.

"Oh you are too kind!" The bureau chief beamed, knowing they had topped their neighbors once and again this year, "Wait until it gets dark and we turn on the electric fairy lights on both the tree AND the house! It is quite a novelty, I must say!"

Just then, his wife rushed over and quietly talked to the bureau chief in nervous whispers, and they excused themselves and hurried to the kitchen.

Joseph Zeo took the opportunity to chat with some old acquaintances in the lounge. The room was overly decorated to a point he almost run a fake snowman down to make room for others to join in. The scent of food began to drift through the air, but something was missing. Joseph could not pin point what it was until whispers around the halls began to reach his ears.

People spoke in hushed apprehensive tones, "I heard the turkey is missing, and it's not just happening in this household..."

[This is just a RP short for the month of December. Everyone please feel free to take a stab at it, anything goes, and have fun! muhahahahaha....!]


Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Dec-16-2015 07:16

on the first page.

"231 Pleasant Hill Apt 44." Molly noted, busily copying the address and accompanying telephone number onto her own notepad. "Perhaps this is a clue! Thank you very much for your hospitality. I better get back to my friends so that we can each properly fortify ourselves from turkey theft!"

As she bid her adieus, she wondered how many of the houses had been robbed of their fowl. Was it specific neighborhoods, or was there a pattern to the attack? She knew her friends would undoubteldy find the answer to this question, and hopefully it began at this address.


Dec-22-2015 05:57

"So what you are saying," Vulkie began, "is that someone actually planted this device here, in the Chief's house, without the Chief knowing?"

"Exactly my thoughts, Miss Nouson... or was it Vulkie? Is that your nickname?" the professor asked.

"You may call me Miss Nouson or Vulkie. I don't care either way," she answered, before she started to think about it.

It would be hard to go by unnoticed with the preparations of the Christmas party. Either the Chief or his wife would be at home, to allow the decorators and the personnel in their homes. But this looked like it had been planned... and for a long time as well.

"Might I suggest we ask the Chief and his wife a few questions? Maybe they remember that someone went upstairs, to check on something? Or maybe they had a break-in while they were shopping?" Vulkie wondered.

The Professor nodded, before saying: "I think it's best if I ask the questions. The Chief is already on a high note and if we pressure him more, we might not be getting any work for the rest of our precious lives."

Walking towards the kitchen, they could hear the Chief ranting against his wife, who was tearing up more than the Niagara Waterfalls. "I DON'T BELIEVE THIS. MY WHOLE CHRISTMAS, RUINED. RUINED!!!" he screamed, while his wife ran outside. She probably needed to cry and didn't want the detectives to see it.

"Might we ask you a few questions, Chief? It's about something we've discovered upstairs. You might want to walk with us and see the contraption yourself," the Professor politely offered. The Chief, after a deep sigh, walked with them upstairs towards the device...

Professor Troof
Professor Troof
Lucky Stiff

Dec-22-2015 15:36

"Who has access to this room, Chief?" asked the Professor, outside the door.

"My wife and I have keys," said the Chief, "we normally keep it locked. We use it for storage - some of the Christmas decorations were in here before we got the place decked out"

"I see," said the Professor, glancing knowingly at Vulkie as he pushed open the door. He thought it best not to mention that Vulkie had expertly picked the lock earlier.

Inside the room, the Professor pointed out the trunk and pipework that had caused so much trouble. The Chief looked increasingly astonished and it was clear he knew nothing about the apparatus.

"So, this isn't your trunk?" asked the Professor.

"No, and I never asked for any pipes to be put in, and I'm darned sure I would have noticed someone spending hours up here making a racket!"

"The whole thing could have been done quite quickly with the right access," pronounced the Professor, authoritatively. "Tell me, did you have many deliveries come to the door in the last few days?"

"Yes, of course," snapped the Chief. "We had to get a lot of things in and we were all busy putting up decorations. I personally did the lights outside," explained the Chief, and added, almost snarling, "that I didn't get to turn on!"

The Chief thought for a moment, realising what the Professor was driving at.

"I remember my wife did let some delivery people come in," he said, "when they came with some of the larger things for the party that we'd ordered. They were back and forth fetching boxes in for a while, as I was putting up the lights. My wife would probably have told them to put stuff in here..." the Chief tailed off, realising they might have delivered more than he'd ordered.

"Who were the delivery people, Chief? Do you have any contact details?" pressed the Professor.

Professor Troof
Professor Troof
Lucky Stiff

Dec-22-2015 15:37

"I don't know. The details would have been arranged by the store we ordered from, Cringles, on Pleasant Hill. You know the one, they do all the festive supplies; decorations, specialist glassware. They even sorted out the band for us."

The Chief suddenly remembered the money all this had cost.

"Look," he said, "a lot of people have been in this house! Get on and find out who did it!"

Martin Kane
Martin Kane

Dec-28-2015 15:19

This sh- stuff is going around in my head and I'm trying to make some sense of it, but I think I'm hopelessly at sea here. Vanishing turkeys, a rather large gravy dispensing system with a seemingly single purpose of dousing the Chief's guests, all happening right under the noses of the inhabitannts. My first reaction would be to check the local loony bins. The Chief seems to have no idea how any of this happened and seems genuinely upset by it all. I think that perhaps we need to hear his wife's version of what has happened here. Although I think I might want a smaller version of this gravy system. I love gravy on my turkey though, not necessarily on my guests. Where is the Chief's wife?

Riza Hawkeye
Riza Hawkeye
First Nomad

Dec-28-2015 18:41

“Well that was a huge waste of time,” Riza muttered to herself as she made her way back to join the others. That man was acting suspiciously, and he was trying to hide something. However, Riza was mistaken about was what exactly he was so focused on keeping secret.

“I need…eye bleach,” she said under her breath while massaging her temples. After pushing her way inside the shifty man’s house and stalking into his living room, expecting to find something related to the case, Riza instead found what appeared to be his young mistress strung up in a most compromising situation utilizing Christmas lights.

And now she was back to square one. Hopefully one of the others had found something of use. Though truth be told, Riza wasn’t really feeling up to poking her nose into this turkey business. All she wanted was a nice quiet holiday, but trouble seemed to follow her around. Or perhaps it seemed to follow her acquaintances around. Alright…a little bit of both.

Surprised that she was the first to return, Riza decided it would probably be best to return indoors. However, she was stopped in her tracks by a booming male voice hollering about Christmas being ruined. Ah, the Chief. Riza imagined his head must look redder than Santa’s outfit right now.

Riza perched delicately on the left side of the front doorstep. She stretched, cracking her neck. She inhaled a frigid lungful of air and blew it out. She began to tap her stiletto on the ground. Grr. She hated waiting. She was a woman of action. Why couldn’t Joseph and Molly hurry up? Or why couldn’t there be something exciting for her to do?

No sooner had the latter thought crossed her mind that a sharp crack breached the otherwise silent air. Riza immediately jumped to her feet and turned around. That shot had come from right behind her, right inside the house. Adrenaline coursed through her veins as she pulled a dagger from inside her jacket and rushed upstairs, taking the steps two at a time.

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