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My Sleuth Noir Chrome Extension
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May-30-2015 10:00

In case you weren't aware, browsers have something call extensions, which a developer can create to enhance the interface. Today, I took some time to create an extension that will enhance your gameplay on Sleuth Noir. However, the intent is not to cheat, automate deduction, circumvent the system, etc.

You can download and try it on your Chrome browsers from the Google Store:

The first version has the following features:
1) Prevent accidental double clicks (links are disabled for three seconds after first click)
2) Monochromatic Noir themed colours on Detective Notes (instead of red/green/blue)
3) "Rule out Alibi" button to rule out all real alibis, researched, and dead
4) Quick Action links on Map page
a) Consult Fortune Teller to see whether all suspects are revealed
b) Research the Case without going to the City Hall
5) After checking if a person suspects another, you get a new link to check another person without hitting the back button
6) Automation in the following scenarios, only because it is a no-brainer
a) If you can lock pick a suspect, it will be triggered on suspect visit
b) You will ask your contact about the case on first visit
c) You will ask your contact about alibis, if available

I am not sure about you guys, but I have a Lenovo laptop and my index finger is sore from playing this game. I feel this extension doesn't take away the fun and still relies on the player's abilities. Since the page has to load before the extension kicks in, you may find elements being added late.

Do let me know whether you have any concerns or suggestions.





Jun-8-2015 03:36

SS, what version of the extension do you have? I don't notice the flicker on mine.

Safety Officer

Jun-8-2015 04:07



Jun-18-2015 02:28

Hi Folks,

Been a while since my last update, I was busy IRL. Due to screen flicker on using themes, I have disabled it from the main extension and will make that a seperate download.

In addition to the above, you will get two new features:
1) Experimental Google Maps, when you are in London
2) Automatic Quote in Sleuth Mail
Basically a Conversation functionality similar to GMail. The last few messages automatically shows up, when you hit Reply, so that you can make sense of the message trail in the future.
Unfortunately, this will not work, from your sent box. In other words, if you send two messages back to back, only the first will be show in the trail. I tried to make even the second to be show, but the game code throws an error, when you reply with your own message's id (in the last message parameter).

If you disabled your extension, just enable it again and it should update soon.



Jun-18-2015 03:13

The Blanche theme can be downloaded here:

(Should be available in some time)

If you want to create your own theme, you will need to do so in Developer Mode, which takes 5 min to setup. Message me, if you want the base files.

There should be absolutely no flicker with these.



Jun-18-2015 04:15

EDIT: I just discovered an extension called Stylish. This manages to override default styles without flicker, and I managed to test my css there successfully. Will see how the code works and will bring themes back into the main extension, from next version.

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