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My Sleuth Noir Chrome Extension
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May-30-2015 10:00

In case you weren't aware, browsers have something call extensions, which a developer can create to enhance the interface. Today, I took some time to create an extension that will enhance your gameplay on Sleuth Noir. However, the intent is not to cheat, automate deduction, circumvent the system, etc.

You can download and try it on your Chrome browsers from the Google Store:

The first version has the following features:
1) Prevent accidental double clicks (links are disabled for three seconds after first click)
2) Monochromatic Noir themed colours on Detective Notes (instead of red/green/blue)
3) "Rule out Alibi" button to rule out all real alibis, researched, and dead
4) Quick Action links on Map page
a) Consult Fortune Teller to see whether all suspects are revealed
b) Research the Case without going to the City Hall
5) After checking if a person suspects another, you get a new link to check another person without hitting the back button
6) Automation in the following scenarios, only because it is a no-brainer
a) If you can lock pick a suspect, it will be triggered on suspect visit
b) You will ask your contact about the case on first visit
c) You will ask your contact about alibis, if available

I am not sure about you guys, but I have a Lenovo laptop and my index finger is sore from playing this game. I feel this extension doesn't take away the fun and still relies on the player's abilities. Since the page has to load before the extension kicks in, you may find elements being added late.

Do let me know whether you have any concerns or suggestions.





May-31-2015 01:14

I added a screenshot so that people can get a preview before trying it...

Safety Officer

May-31-2015 04:26

I hear banjo's. Dueling banjo's.

Safety Officer

Jun-1-2015 04:31

I've tried this, just coz, hey, why not. I mean, whilst yeti is fiddling, I'm not sure quite what the point is, but hey why not. it might be my love of browser extensions. 1. Monochromatic might as well say 'I can't see you'. lol. Those dull colours might as well not be there for me :) I can see red. I actually had to look into the html to see what some of the other colours were lol. 2. I like - really like - the research and fortune teller links, that saves me having a tab permanently open for those two things. There is one time waster there though, if you visit your contact they always tell you if anyone suspects anything first (hardly ever use that), and you have to go back and ask the PE /alibi question you wanted to ask. :)

Yeti Face
Yeti Face
Pinball Amateur

Jun-1-2015 06:19

I'm going to start by saying I do appreciate what you're trying to do here Jusmah. It's nice that different options are available for players to choose from in terms of the colour styling for instance. It's also nice that if players want access to certain features that are due to be implemented into the game very soon ('Ask about another suspect', the double click issue) even earlier, they can.


I dislike any kind of automation. Not only does it make me uneasy, but it's also against the Code of Conduct. I know you've tried to limit the use of automation to areas where you feel it has the least impact, but in my personal view I would rather it was gone entirely. I don't include your rule out alibi button in this, that's fine.

The quick links will probably be included in the main game in some form eventually, but I doubt I'm the only player who just pops the fortune telling and research links into their bookmarks, like so:

This way the quick actions are available from any page on Sleuth. So in order to equal this functionality, the quick links need to appear on every page it might be useful to access them from.


Jun-1-2015 09:05

Hi - Thanks for the comments. Yes, I didn't want to make an automater, since that will remove the fun out of the game, and it is limited to things that are no-brainers...
a) If you have lock picks the game should automatically pick the lock. Why would someone not do so.
b) If PE contact can check evidence against all suspects, why not check all alibis together

SS, I am surprised you could not see the notes' colours alright, thought they were distinct enough, for "monochromatic". I'll put an options page to disable individual aspects of the extension.

The above were only for the first version, but I am planning to add more features and appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.

One of the intents I had was to enable Mobile responsiveness, but Chrome on a mobile doesn't have extensions, if I am not mistaken. Perhaps I'll add a Non-Monochromatic colour scheme as an option.

Yeti Face
Yeti Face
Pinball Amateur

Jun-1-2015 09:35

SS is partially colour blind, so the colours that are distinctive to you are not to him.

A person might not pick the lock because they just want to arrest the person, or just want to ask that person questions about other suspects. If the game were to be updated to include potential negative consequences of lock picking anyone who had your extension installed might suddenly find themselves thrown into a bad situation.

How often do you find yourself in a situation where there are multiple alibis to ask about at a contact? Generally alibis are checked as each suspect gives it up, in order to save questions later down the line. Once again, if the game updated so instead of contacts having unlimited questions, there was a more Shades style +2 questions, your extension would be getting people into trouble.

With these automated processes, everyone should have access to them through playing the game legitimately or no one should.

Making the website mobile friendly is a desire shared by just about every player here, and an update that'll be coming out after the next content one.


Jun-1-2015 16:41

The fact that the game may be updated is actually given and the extension will be updated based on latest news we get on this message board and the actual game itself. Besides automation is only three points in nine, and there will more features.

I'd have to disagree on your point about lock picking though, but I may be mistaken. According to the reply I received in one of my other posts, you currently get offered to pick a lock the first time you visit only. If you miss it, then you don't get it again. I'd never find myself in a situation where I can accuse a suspect without even opening his page, unless it's an easy mystery with only two suspects and one of them is dead or people suspect the other... probably 1-5% of the case in the life of an average player. Second, if you get a free answer, why not take it. Bound to be useful in most cases.

It's people's choice whether or not to use my extension to get additional experience, and users of my extension can disable parts of the features if they need eventually.

Who knows, may be I may implement a mini game, automated AVH challenges, or something, where the website is used to play and additional data stored on my server.

Possibilities of extensions are endless, and that's why there is a huge support for extensions and open source in general. Heck, with all of Google's Phd resources, there are still many browser extensions that make GMail a lot better.

Yeti Face
Yeti Face
Pinball Amateur

Jun-2-2015 03:38

There's plenty of potential for third party websites, extensions, whatever, I agree. A fair bit of stuff has been done in the past using them - at one stage there was an "Arch Villain League" which I understand worked as your automated AVH challenges might. However, their place isn't in automation. From the Code of Conduct:

"Bots and Automated Game Scripting

It is not permitted to create or use any program that automates Sleuth game play or circumvents the Sleuth game client in order to speed in-game advancement. Practically speaking, this rule prohibits use of any third party program, script or plugin that SENDS data to Sleuth servers."

Keep your extension going with the wonderful potential it has for community based interaction in the future. With the potential it has for giving players different colour schemes to view Noir in. But kill the automation.


Jun-2-2015 14:28

I meant automated AVH Tournaments (not challenges). Basically no need for manually tracking people... (automating this)

Anyway, for those who are still using the extension, I rolled out an update some time back and you may be prompted to update.

Changes include:
1) Ability to switch off any of the three automations
2) Custom Themes!! Anyone can make their own themes and share it with others
If you do make one, message me the path of your CSS and I'll include it in the drop down
3) Additional links in the login and news page

What next:
1) I am thinking of showing Google Maps (it also follows monochromatic like colors, but no functional add-on)
2) May be a "Conversation Mode" or "Find Messages by User" feature in the messaging system, but "On Demand", since I don't want to overload the server
3) Some mechanism to track Agency Favors

Finally, you may notice a flicker when navigating. Apparently the browser does that when you change CSS. I was not able to implement the solutions I found online. Can someone help with this?

If you haven't downloaded already, download here using Chrome...

Also, rate if you like. Rating also indirectly promotes this game.

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Jun-2-2015 18:14

Very cool. Nice work Jusmah.

I'm also a little nervous about the automation features.

I agree that some of them are no brainers to an experienced player, but I don't want to remove the learning curve for new players. Also, the chance of making a dumb mistake is also an important part of the game.

My biggest concern is that the random mysteries are rule based: so it's possible to automate pretty much everything. So... the slope be slippery.

An extreme example happened on Shades of Mystery, where we had some people who openly (and defiantly) were building bots for power leveling. Eventually I had to waste a bunch of time building in technical counter measures. Very un-fun.

I'm not saying the current features on your extension cross that line, but they probably are close. And make sure you do keep newer players in mind as well.

What does everybody else think?

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