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Daily Pub Quiz
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Jan-4-2005 18:37

See if there is interest for this.

1. Each day I will post 10 questions, at random times of the day.
2. Each Quiz runs exactly 24 hours.
3. The first person that has all 10 questions right, wins. Or if no one has all questions right, the best one wins.
4. You can only post answers ONCE for the same quiz.
5. No cash involved. Just glory. :)


Dionne Dawson
Dionne Dawson

Nov-3-2005 14:15

3.snuffle who???
6 reapers
7 daru
8 by the proliferate Michael Bagen... Red Queen (london)
9 6
Green dragons
Give a yelp
casa blanca
Just around the corner
Eye spy
Old fogies


Roxy Rosenthal
Roxy Rosenthal

Nov-3-2005 16:23

2) TRUE ;)

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Nov-3-2005 21:08

1. Left
2. David Seaman
3. Alfonzolicious
4. Mobile Army Service Hospital or something
5. It doesn't... it's from a fish.
6. Reaper's
7. Daru
8. The Red Queen -John Hale
9. 6
10. Mojos. TATKADD. Sirens.


P. Rockwell
P. Rockwell

Nov-3-2005 22:50

1. right

2. what

3. Alicious?

4. Mobile Army Surgical Hospital. What was the orginial words to the theme music? (way interesting)

5. instenstine, but mostly they didn't use cats-too small, goats were favored on old string instruments

6. What agency offered 1 week tours?
...Behind Closed Dorrs?
7. Who currently holds the highest score in Sleuth?
the beloved Daru
8. What is the name of the Newest Featured Mystery, where is it located and who wrote it? (yes, you can find this out without traveling)
.....ummm Red Queen, london, John Hale???
9. After a recent game server outage, how many days did Ben add to the subscriptions?
6 days
10. Name 3 agencies with more than 3 Directors. (It can not be one you are currently a member of)
Eye Spy, underdogs, sirens
BONUS: If you pay Larry the Toe $500 to go see Lucy, can you find her after you start another case?
nope man, its gone


Nov-4-2005 05:13

LED........what agency is TATKADD? :)

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Nov-4-2005 07:27


Arabella Parker
Arabella Parker

Nov-4-2005 12:48

Congratulations to Andiyana, She got them all correct and in record time. :D
Dionne Dawson gets extra credit for finding all 10 agencies. I hope everyone had fun. It is certainly easier answering the quizzes than making them up.

P. Rockwell
P. Rockwell

Nov-4-2005 13:10

Anyone able to find (google or whatever is ok) the words to the theme song of MASH??
(way interesting)

Roxy Rosenthal
Roxy Rosenthal

Nov-4-2005 16:03

I know the title to the MASH theme is "Suicide is Painless"


[ Googles ]


Here - for those who are interested in the full lyrics:

Colonel Shanty
Colonel Shanty

Nov-4-2005 19:39

Heh. So it is. Never bothered to check. I mean, I'm too lazy to Google anything... except if I'm in the mood.

I love Geography. Anybody want to do a Geography quiz?


1. Name 3 countries that have the color red in their flags.
2. Name 2 countries that start with the letter "M."
3. What is the capital of...
a) Ukraine?
b) Germany?
c) Poland?
4. Name a country that still needs to develop a working government.
5. Name 6 countries in South America.

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