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Detective Biography

That's what you get when you get interested in dead people.

You learn all about them: their habits, their likes, whose bed they were in and why they ended up in their present gruesome state.

Sometimes, after a long case, one that truly involved and interested me, I'd find myself at the poor sap's funeral. His wife and two kids, all sobbing, would come up and say some sort of thanks, inviting me over to have some crab cakes at their reception. I'd smirk and have to bite my tongue not to tell her that her deceased always hated seafood.

But then I'd remember that I was never in their lives. I was a stranger and it would always be that way. Sure I knew what kind of clothes he wore, what and where he ate, and what his dreams and ambitions were in life. He never knew I existed.

I know; cry me a river. Thats what you get when you make people you'll never know in real life- the point of your own.

Perhaps it wasn't too late for me.

*cfm sat in a ball on the floor, holding his jacket and sword in her lap, with a tear stained face*

Hello to all (9/25/07)


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