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Detective Biography

My name's Roxanne Rosenthal, but you can call me "Roxy" - everybody does. Well, almost everybody. My brother and his friends, they call me "chatterbox." - But that's all right, because I do have a tendency to talk a lot. *Giggle*

I was born here in New York, and I just love the city. ... Currently I'm working as a secretary in a uptown law firm that deals mostly in estates and taxes. Anyway, last year they let me tag along with one of the detectives while he investigated a ...'murder case!' It was all part of some sort of inheritance issue. Well, partway into the investigation, it was little ole me who figured out who the guilty suspect was. Our firm made oodles of cash off of that incident, and since then they've had me investigate lots of little problems with our clients. I must say, It's oh so fun, and it sure beats taking shorthand for Mr. McClay.

Oh - by the by, I just swoon for that Rudy Vallee fellow. He is the bee's knees. So handsome, and what a crooner! Now, I am certainly NOT a lady who's ready to settle down, but if ...'he'... were to ask. - Oh my, I'm just being silly here. As if 'that' would ever happen. ... Ah, but a gal can dream can't she.

Speaking of Mr. Rudy Vallee, I heard he was going to play at Big Lucyís sometime this month. I know itís only a rumor, but I just 'have' to find out if itís true. My friend Mary, from the secratarial pool, says ... [blah, blah, blah] ...


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