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Daily Pub Quiz
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Jan-4-2005 18:37

See if there is interest for this.

1. Each day I will post 10 questions, at random times of the day.
2. Each Quiz runs exactly 24 hours.
3. The first person that has all 10 questions right, wins. Or if no one has all questions right, the best one wins.
4. You can only post answers ONCE for the same quiz.
5. No cash involved. Just glory. :)



Jan-10-2005 01:15

1. Stroke and Pneumonia
2. True Grit
3. Barry White
4. Atlantic
5. 1945
6. Helium
7. gums
8. Tina Turner
9. Cunard liner SS Slavonia
10. Voodoo


Jan-10-2005 06:08

Astra is the winner!!!! A 10/10. My score sheet actually said the Titanic was the first to send an SOS. However, I researched Astra's answer, and it was sent several years earlier!!! Good on you!!!!


Jan-10-2005 06:44

Ah ah, this one could have been expected.
Dutchies can NOT play!!!!

The Netherlands:
1. In which movie starring John Travolta, is there spoken about eating fries with mayonaise?
2. What is the most recent royal family death in the Netherlands?
3. Who was the queen of the Netherlands prior to the current reigning queen?
4. What is the most famous Amsterdam soccer club called?
5. Which countries have landborders the Netherlands?
6. Who's house is at Prinsengracht 263, Amsterdam?
7. Explain how the term "Yankees" orginally came about?
8. What is The Netherlands most recently created province, claimed from the Sea finishing in 1968?
9. Which two of the following are not a world famous Dutch painters: Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Rubens, Brueghel, Vermeer.
10. Which American movie were the words spoken to Meg Ryan "Je hebt erg witte tanden?" (you have very white teeth)

For extra scores:
11. Which of the following are not famous Dutchies in the movie industry:
Ruther Hauer (Actor: The Hitcher, Flesh and Blood), Jan de Bont (Director: Twister, Cinematographer: The hunt for red october, flatliners, Basic instict etc.), Paul Verhoeven (Director: Basic Instinct, Hollow Man, Robocob.)
12. In which year were the Olympics originally supposed to be held in Amsterdam, and why did it not? (not 1928)
13. How many times did the Netherlands win in the catagory "Best Foreign movie" at the academy awards.
14. Which two things are legal in the Netherlands, an not in most countries?

The person whom gets 10/10 from question 1-10 is still the winner. However, getting 10/10 and any in the extra catagory wins!

Old Shoe

Jan-10-2005 15:15

1) Pulp Fiction
2)Prince Bernhard
3) Queen Juliana
4) Ajax Amsterdam
5) Germany and Belgium
6) Anne Frank's house
7) Derisive nickname that comes from Dutch "Janke" OR (according to what I learned in school) Indians attempt to say the word "English"-pronounced "Yenghee". I came across both answers in this search.
8) Flevoland
9)Rubens and Vermeer
10) When Harry Met Sally

14) Drugs (hash, marijuana, ABSINTHE!!! Jstkdn, I'm still waiting!) and prostitution.

I really tried on this one, but I'm unsure about two of them.

Sam the Rose
Sam the Rose
Old Shoe

Jan-10-2005 15:25

I found the first record use of SOS as 11 August 1909, the steamship Arapahoe on
It was first adopted in 1906, but not everyone was using it.


Jan-10-2005 15:50

Faery did not get a 10/10, any other takers?


Jan-10-2005 16:22

To throw everyone off, here is tomorrows, just to stay fair to the time zones.

1. What is the name of Toronto's Baseball team?
2. The golden gophers are what?
3. Which profesionally played sport uses a basket, a ball, players of the team can be both males an females mixed during official competitions, and is not basketball.
4. Which sport is played in Twickenham stadium?
5. It is vegetable and a sport, what is it?
6. What is a kibitz in chess?
7. Who is number 2 in the most homeruns in professional American baseball througout history?
8. Who was awarded "Greatest Filipino Athlete of All Time?"
9. Despite all the news (incl. gossip and sensation press) on these two rivals. Neither one won Olympic gold, but Oksana Baiul did. Who are the two rivals?
10. Which country won olympic gold for the sport Hockey in the Athens olympics?

Old Shoe

Jan-10-2005 16:22


1-13: No idea as I'm too lazy to look them up!

14: Drugs and prostitituion!


Jan-10-2005 16:25

Oh that would be men's hockey.


Jan-10-2005 20:40

Ok, here goes...

1. Pulp Fiction
2. Prince Bernhard
3. Queen Juliana
4. Ajax (“Football Club Ajax”)
5. Germany & Belgium
6. The Anne Frank House
7. The leading hypothesis as to its origin is that it is from the Dutch janke, meaning a diminutive of the name Jan. The second leading hypothesis is that it is from Jan Kaas, literally John Cheese, a nickname for the Dutch that parallels the British John Bull. Usage of Jan Kaas has been dated in Europe to the 1650s. The term could have been applied to Dutch pirates in the Caribbean and later shifted to New Englanders.
8. Flevoland
9. Rubens and Brueghel
10. ?

11. Jan de Bont
12. 1924
13. 3 times
14. soft drugs such as marijuana and prostitution

Wow, that took awhile.

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