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Daily Pub Quiz
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Jan-4-2005 18:37

See if there is interest for this.

1. Each day I will post 10 questions, at random times of the day.
2. Each Quiz runs exactly 24 hours.
3. The first person that has all 10 questions right, wins. Or if no one has all questions right, the best one wins.
4. You can only post answers ONCE for the same quiz.
5. No cash involved. Just glory. :)


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Jul-21-2006 09:03

In the meantime...

1. Name fives flags that have only one star.

2. What does "obsequious" mean?

3. In which year was Te Tiriti o Waitangi signed?

4. How many make up a Baker's Dozen?

5. What film won the Best Picture Academy Award in 2004?

6. What is a "cossie"?

7. On which number of the (English) keyboard does the Ampersand appear?

8. What country had a huncbacked, lesbian queen on the throne in the 1600s?

9. Who is the President of Australia?

10. What play features Winnie embedded up to her bosom in a mound of earth in an expanse of scorched grass and who wrote it?

Con Artist

Jul-21-2006 09:25

1. Aruba, Cameroon, North Korea, Cuba, and Ghana.
2. ingratiating/butt kisser?
3. 1840
4. 13
6. Swimsuit.
7. 7
10. Happy Days, and Samuel Beckett

Rosamund Clifford
Rosamund Clifford
Tale Spinner

Jul-21-2006 09:53

1. China, Cuba, ?
2. ?
3. ?
4. 13
5. Eastwood's "Million Dollar Baby"
6. ?
7. ?
8. Queen Anne (Stuart) of Great Britain? (if this is correct, I didn't know she was hunchbcked)
9. Australia doesn't have a president, it has a queen (Elizabeth II)
10. ?, Beckett?

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Jul-21-2006 14:22

1. China, Malaysia, Cuba, (does texas count)
2. servile
4. 13
5. The Pianist?
6. The Dingo Ate my Baby!
7. 7?
8. Sweden?
9. Does Australia have a president? I think John Howard is the Prime Minister.

Serena Siren
Serena Siren

Jul-21-2006 14:42

LOL!!! Ben, Texas should count...According to all their tourism ads: Texas is like a whole other country :P

Emerald Drew
Emerald Drew
Old Shoe

Jul-21-2006 15:09

I think we can run two quizzes simultaneously. If not, y’all can wait till LED finishes hers to answer mine.

Disney Trivia
1.In which movie would you find Charles, Carrie, and Paul Rollins?

2.What was the name of the first Mickey Mouse cartoon released?

3.What was the first full-length animated movie released by Disney Studio (in 1937)?

4.Which Disney movie has a wise old women who happens to be a tree?

5.What is the name of the dragon from Mulan?

6.What does EPCOT stand for?

7.Which park (Disneyland or Walt Disney World) offers a park hopper pass?

8.What is the name of Will Turner’s dad in the Pirates of the Caribbean

9.What year did the original “Disneyland Park” open?

10.What year did Walt Disney die?

Bonus: What is the name of the new “big thrill” amusement park that Disney opened in California?

AZN Cinderella
AZN Cinderella

Jul-21-2006 15:35

Hey! I'm from Texas!

Serena Siren
Serena Siren

Jul-21-2006 16:08

It's not a bad thing...There commercials just say, "Come to Texas, it is like a whole other country."


Rosamund Clifford
Rosamund Clifford
Tale Spinner

Jul-21-2006 16:42

For Emerald II (Drew):

1. ?
2. Steamboat Willie
3. Snowhite
4. Alice in Wonderland?
5. - 9. no clue
10. 1966?

Bonus: ?

Safety Officer

Jul-21-2006 18:14

LED 1. Cuba, Ghana, Cameroon, Israel err guess Liberia
2. subserviant suckiness
3. sorry
4. 13
5. Million Dollar baby
6. bathers
7. 7 lol
8. lol don't know. bets RC is right.
9. lol we don't have one. Unless you count Eddie Maguire who is president of the Collingwood Football Club and Cha10. nel 9 which literally gives him the same powers.
10. Happy Days - Beckett

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