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Im saying it
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Jason Arends
Jason Arends
Lucky Stiff

Jun-26-2012 13:56

None of you believed me. All of you said i was crazy, a terrible gambler and that i was wrong. Some of you even threw an intervention for me saying i 'had a problem. Well im saying it:

Last Race Results
Big Winner: Lucinda Jean $550000

Place Horse Time Winning
Payoff Place
1 Three Legged Tom
2 Cataphrac
3 Ginger
4 Lightning
5 Tornado
6 Tammy Two-Tales
7 Naked Joe
8 Whiskey
9 Siesta
10 Old Nellie

See? It was 100:1 but TOM WAS DUE!!!!!!!!!!!!
HE WAS!!!!!!!!! And *i* was supposed to win when he was!!!!!!!!! :(
I am both dissapointed and gratified at the same time!!!!
I TOLD YOU ALL! I do NOT have a problem. And TOM'S A BUM!!!!! >:[

That is all. :)
Go ahead, make fun of me, i know you're all waiting to get your shots in, c'mon. Im ready. But i WAS right.


Jason Arends
Jason Arends
Lucky Stiff

Jun-26-2012 14:23

I'll have it noted for the record i did not wet my pants.

I may not have many things, but excellent bladder control is one thing i do. :)

Adam Carter
Adam Carter
Big Winner

Jun-26-2012 14:23

Hold on Jason...

You mean you don't know HOW to win a bet on Three Legged Tom?

I thought it was easy...


Jun-26-2012 14:26


SS solves a 2-year-old villain hunt. The SAME DAY, 3-Legged Tom wins at the track.


Lucky Stiff

Jun-26-2012 15:16

All I know is, if I see four guys on horses, I'm getting the F out.

Safety Officer

Jun-26-2012 15:51

I think the analogy goes along the lines of beating a dead horse can occasionally get you somewhere.

Lucinda Jean
Lucinda Jean

Jun-26-2012 16:55

Thank you all for the congrats. It was pure luck that Tom was the ONLY bet I made on this morning's draw. I bet a lot, but I lose a lot, too. This was a pleasant surprise! And so sorry you missed him, Jason. He'll be back, but I think it'll be a while. And on a side note, Cograts, Secret Squirrel on finishing your VH!

Old Shoe

Jun-26-2012 18:25

I'm confused. Are we betting on whether dead horses wet their pants? I'll take that bet, now who has a dying horse?

Jason Arends
Jason Arends
Lucky Stiff

Jun-26-2012 22:12

........and tom predictably made sure my bets placed were WORTHLESS!

Hes due again. I'm telling you, i was right before!

Summer Daze
Summer Daze
Freedom Fighter

Jun-27-2012 05:21

I have also noticed that when 3LT does win, it tends to be that 6:00 race. He's clearly a lark not an owl.

Well, actually, I suppose he's a horse :D

Battered Shoe

Jun-27-2012 07:38

A stolen baland for Tom

Radiant, sleek, shiny coat of honey brown
Deserving to wear a princess' crown
Georgeous I am, will not accept anything less
Beautiful eyes hynotizing the best
Legs so shapely and strong and long.

Writing about me with beautiful songs
Teeth strong and pearly white
Personality keen, smart, out of sight
Strutting through the neighborhood
I am queen in this neck of the woods.

Eyes sharp like an eagle
Endowed with papers that makes me legal
Fast, I can run with the wind
I am perfect, almost without sin
Getting complements every day
Food is special in no other way.

All are envious who stand next to me
Lavishing this time for the future I can't
Today, my prize I will claim
Tomorrow, I will be in the Hall of Fame

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