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Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

May-23-2012 08:42

Soooo as there seems to have been bit of a revival in the past week, with a lot of older members returning to the game myself included. It doesn't take a genious to work out that the newer players won't know the older players and vice versa. One thing that this game has always had is a strong sense of community so the idea of this thead is to get to know each other a little better.


Old Shoe

Jun-14-2012 20:55

*stubs out a cig, then lights another and drops it in self-disgust three drags in*

Why? Because in the immortal words of Al Franken and his perpetually virginal alter-ego, Stewart Smiley, "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough and people {*edit/used to/edit*} like me".

So. Hi all. Another oldie reporting on the heels of the apparent resurgence the site has (yay!) seen over the last few weeks. In the intervening years between now and my last period of real activity, I've managed to breed twice, so my free time and priorities have shifted pretty dramatically - it was not so long ago that I couldn't get off to bed without hitting these message boards pretty hard; now I'm mostly concerned with the eternal question of whether either of my children might in fact be growing a tail and the everyday work of scraping day-old diapers out of the mailbox. As much as I love the recent activity, and wish it will bloom like the crowd of mushrooms that now clearly constitute the moist buttocks of one particularly special...ellipsis addicted...detective, I'm probably not going to be a very big part of it. But it really makes me happy to see all these folks from the golden era back in the mix, making the whole shebang fun, clever and relevant again.

lol, oh ya, and I'm Nat. Suspense? Check. Payoff? Nope.

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