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Scripted Mystery 2
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Eden Zweig
Eden Zweig

Feb-17-2012 14:54

I have an SM case (inc. h.), where the game came to a dead end at the 5th suspect.
I am trying to understand what we can rely on scripted mysteries, other than common sense, cause what happens is this:

- You figure out the answers to some questions without asking, but the case forces you to ask the question anyway, cause it unlocks another level in the game, not only answering an obvious question but also introducing new suspects.

What I'm trying to say is the game determines the pacing, and asking your questions economically, that just doesn't depend on you.

Now I have a suspect who keeps clamming on the only question I have, townies won't yield a thing.

I previously solved a SM, where the guy who clammed answered my question when I backspaced and posed the question again (either that or I left the page/refreshed it, got back and asked the same question and this time got an answer)

But this guy will not "budge".

Is this one of the normalcies of SMs, should I quit it and try again, or is there something I'm most probably missing ?(city hall won't say a thing too)


Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-19-2012 02:10 more thing to add regarding your property moving around idea: it works best with a low rent agency, but your arse is going to get kinda' lonely if you do that.

Eden Zweig
Eden Zweig

Feb-19-2012 09:44

I had no idea moving apartments was so expensive! I once read tha you could move it, is all.

Thanks for the pieces of advice, I have no complaints, on the contrary I appreciate them very much. (you might find it wearisome, though)

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