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Contest: Character Biography
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Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-8-2012 06:22

I’ve chosen this place to announce the contest because I feel it’s the most visited, even though it would’ve probably fit better in the RP section.

Anyway, even though I’m quite sure this has been done before, I see no trouble in doing it again. So here’s the thing:

I’m quite positive one of the components of Sleuth Noir that draws people to poke their noses around here is the Noir theme. In my view being in Sleuth Noir is something that you do late in the evening in a large armchair in front of a burning chimney…well, if you feel like somethin’ else is burning please check your socks. What I’m tryin’ to say here is that one of the things we all like is the atmosphere.

Now, I do feel like…an’ I ain’t gonna be apologizing if ya’ feel different…like this atmosphere isn’t really supported by the players. Many times I’ve opened some high roller’s character sheet only to read his/her general achievements and admire his/her shoes. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate other people achievements and taste in shoes…sort of…but I’d really like to see some color on those player characters, and trust me: “north of the bank”, “waitress” or “none” ain’t givin’ no color to nothin’ when written under the biography section.

So here it goes: I will award a 2 month subscription to the player with the best biography that registers for the contest. The results will be given 2 weeks from now…February 22 this year, that is.

How to participate: shout in here that you’re game and then fill up the biography section in your character’s description. I’ll read it…someday.

Who can participate? Well…anyone.

Who will be the jury?...ME! And…if anyone else offers…hmmm…maybe I’ll ask some people to throw an opinion, but I ain’t gonna tell ya’ who’s who, so keep those bribes for Shady.

Now…one piece of advice: try to make those bios a little more vivid and keep’em within the game’s theme.

If there are any questions…I’ll be happy to postpone them…Jokin’ere, I’ll answer t


Lady Zeugirdor
Lady Zeugirdor

Feb-23-2012 13:03

Congrats to Ivy Spini! Nice Bio, my dear.

Safety Officer

Feb-25-2012 01:09

Congrat's Ivy,

I can't describe scratching my nose in under 1000 words, so I admire people who can tell a story concisely, clearly and cleverly.

Nice Work.

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