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Favours and clamming up

Tireless Tiger

Jan-31-2012 03:16

Just a thought - but when doing a favour for a townsperson shouldn't that person want to help you solve the case? If so, shouldn't it be that for that one case they don't clam up on you and instead act like a contact and answer every one of your questions? Would be quite useful in some cases and a slight change to the current gameplay.


Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-31-2012 05:37

That'd be quite logic in my book too. my opinion the usefulness of this would stop somewhere around 500k xp, as IH cases would become a piece of cake.

Anyway, I'm under the impression the idea was stated before and since it wasn't implemented up to probably won't be from now on either.

But don't let my "optimistic" pesonality discurage you.

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