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Eden Zweig
Eden Zweig

Jan-26-2012 10:54

I was clicking on websites listed on the Sleuth Communities page, and when I clicked on this one and tried to enter by my password, this is what I got:

"IP Address Banned
Your IP address is no longer allowed to access Sleuth. We took this action because a user at that address was engaging in abusive or inappropriate behavior. We regret the necessity to enforce this ban."

I thought "community" qualified all subscribers. I may have been mistaken but why did I get this message? What is it that is abusive or inappropriate? I mean I'm not a hacker or something, I'm just a player.


Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-27-2012 16:15

Upon studying the issue a bit I'm confident on supporting Syn's two cents on this one...and saving mine for a shot of booze.

One piece of advice, Eden, if I may: you'll probably bump into various...let's say odd situations from time to time while surfing through Sleuth, situations that may make you doubt the care and regard for your status as a "client" of this game. I've been around here long enough to tell you that nothing that happens here is ill intentioned or neglected on purpose, especially when it comes to the admins and their aids. Sleuth is more like a "spare time familly business", with accent on "spare time", which means that its administration is handled on a tight priorities schedule oriented to keeping things up and running smoothly. They're also doin' a might fine job about it.

So try not to take things too personally.

Bane out.

Eden Zweig
Eden Zweig

Jan-27-2012 16:29

Ok thanks for the replies.


The warning needs to be rephrased:"a user at that address was engaging in abusive or inappropriate behavior."

"at that address" means your IP doesn't it? How else would I know which address?

And when it says that you'll no longer be able to log in you feel like zapped for a second.
So I logged in, cooled down and asked about it :)

I, too, know that this is a wonderful site, it's not only the game but also the friendly people that makes this site so good.Believe me I have no doubt about that.

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