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Jan-11-2012 09:21

If we first take on a little job and then refuse to do it, does our standing with the other factions improve?

or, does the job wait till we do it?

if it does wait, what if we quit a case that is for this particular faction and not against it,
is the job we chose to suspend still there to be solved?

If we want to do two factions at a time, would you suggest we quit cases that are against the second faction we are after, provided that our standing with the faction in priority is taken under control?


Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Jan-12-2012 07:45

If you are in NY for instance, there is DAB, OOS, and LCN.

Say DAB is 1 and OOS is 2, you canno't get 2 to positive one without dropping the status of 1 and 3.


Jan-12-2012 12:46

but if your standing with OOS is 15 and that of DAB is -5 for instance,

and you have a case that will further improve your standing with OOS and decrease the one with DAB, you can quit the case,

and let this happen 6 times so that you get +1 DAB and +6 OOS, then you can stop doing little jobs for a while and solve only those cases that will decrease your standing with LCN and quit the rest till DAB>10 and OOS>20 so that if you do two little jobs for OOS, DAB will still be >0, therefore you can start to improve your standing with DAB by doing little jobs as soon as you pick hypnotism.

What I am asking is which would take less time,

going straight for each faction skill one at a time, or trying to improve both at the same time?

Night Queen
Night Queen
Old Shoe

Jan-13-2012 09:13

It takes a lot of effort to elevate standings with multiple factions. You have to be willing to quit cases. In some cases, you have to be willing to travel a lot. That can be quite expensive and can cause you needless frustrations.

It is much simpler to shoot for high standings with one faction, and let things fall where they will with the other factions. Try to maintain specific goals and then order them in a way that fits you best.

For instance, if you are trying to get a faction skill from faction A, and get the lowest price on some special equipment from faction B. It is better to prioritze and do one thing at a time.

With a list, you can also see where the cards fall with the secondary factions, and steer things in a minor way for your next goal. Over time, you will meet all your goals.

Eden Zweig
Eden Zweig

Jan-18-2012 12:53

Night queen thank you very much (Formerly I was Raci - wanted a fresh start)

I was lucky this time to get both factions positive and on the go. I do little jobs alternatingly. +5 for one means -2 for the other faction so 2 days later this amounts to +3 for each (in general, I sometimes get +4 for a little job and not +5)

But I was lucky as most of my beginner level cases were in favor of factions OOS and LCN, and against DAB. I hope I2ll get them going. Meanwhile I'm building up other skills, that is I have to, so no problem with slow faction advances.

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