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Investigating the Elusive Miss Violet Parr
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Clift Garrett
Clift Garrett

Dec-31-2011 09:17


“She’s just gone!”

“What do you mean gone?”

“I mean gone, detective, disappeared without a trace.”

“Violet Parr? Gone?”


“And what do you expect out of me?”

“What should I expect out of you?”


Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-2-2012 18:26

A short pause fallowed while Joey poured himself another drink. Clift grabbed slowly a chair and sat in front of him. Upon a swift yet pressing change of looks Bane sat his had beside him with a tired move. Garrett decided it was time to break the silence.

“So…to what do I owe the pleasure of your visit, Mr. Bane?” he started.

Bane weighted him once more without making any effort to hide the disapproval in his eyes, and then started talking slowly, yet strong:

“I might be barkin’ at the wrong tree here, but for some reason my sources tell me you could be of help. They…also tell me that we’ve met before…”

“Why would your…sources…have tell you that?” responded Clift with slight surprise.


“That we have met.”

“Oh…anyway…” continued Bane pouring himself another drink, obviously avoiding the answer. “I’m gonna say this straight and simple, lad, so you won’t hurt that pretty actor head of yours with too much thinking: I’m trying to locate a certain Violet Parr. ‘S the name ringin’ any bells?”

Clift slowly leaned into his chair taking a moment to think. While the bluntness of Bane’s approach was quite unexpected, something seemed strange about the way he was talking…as if…he didn’t actually know Violet or him. Just as he was preparing to open his mouth a valet cracked the door open:

“I’m sorry to disturb you, Mr. Garrett, but the crowds are waiting your appearance and for your autographs!”

Clift Garrett
Clift Garrett

Jan-3-2012 02:11


“I will be right there Mitch... give me five more minutes will you...” Clift turned to Joseph Bane as quickly as he finished uttering those words to the valet.

He was still in shock and certain astonishment at seeing Joey the “Bulldog” Bane after all these years... ‘Well, well Joseph Bane... Why I never...’ Clift thought as he slowly measured with his eyes the man in front of him from head to toe. He remembered clearly the middle aged fellow as if he saw him yesterday on the cruise ship disembarking from London on its way to Paris. He still had quite the heavy build, although not fat. The strange thing was that he was now wearing a classy black suit which fit him perfectly. However, the scars on his eyebrows and flat nose were still there, and he still looked the part of the retired boxer that he was.

Yet the words he spoke made very little sense to Clift... ‘I’m trying to locate a certain Violet Parr’... ‘So you are the famous detective Clift Garrett’! How could he speak this way to him when they knew exactly who the other was... or more so speak like that about Violet when he was her hero at a certain point and one of the leading men in her life!

Clift was never very fond of Joseph Bane and he doubted that he could ever grow to ‘endear’ him... The two men had two very different approaches to life... Clift had always prized his good looks, charm and subtle ways of detection... whilst Joey... let’s just say Joey Bane was somewhat rough around the edges when it came to getting the job done and chose a completely different approach.

One thing Clift had for Joey though was respect... Joseph has proved himself to be an incredibly intelligent detective with great insight into the human mind and the brawn to match it. That much was true. They had also both shared great affection for Violet Parr... the woman whom, in more unlikely ways than one, brought them together in the first place.

Clift Garrett
Clift Garrett

Jan-3-2012 02:33

Clift finally spoke once more. “Joey, what have you been drinking? Have you been fighting again? Did someone knock your lights out properly this time?!” The pressure of seeing Leopold and Bane all within hours of each other, Violet’s name resurfacing in his life so suddenly and drastically along with the slight added pressure of being pressed for time and having to go out to his crowds soon push Clift’s nerves and he had all but lost himself.

“I told you I’m barking up the wrong tree here... you just don’t understand...”

“Understand what Joey? You know me... we have met before on a ship disembarking from a London Pier... You were involved in different cases where Violet’s life was in grave danger... You then rescued her half-sister Victoria... whom I thought was my daughter at the time... turns out I didn’t have twins as Violet later explained but only one daughter Isabella... Last I’ve heard from you was from Violet... she wrote me from London almost three years ago telling me that Isabella was in boarding school and that you were living in Shanghai with Victoria your adopted daughter...”

“... and your point is?!” Joey barked... he then sighed... Joseph seemed exhausted which slightly worried Clift. He always wondered if Violet and Bane had more going on without him knowing about it... and if so any possible devastating effects that may have had on Bane... for the same way Clift had many relationships, Violet had a string of admirers.

Clift shook his head. “My point is what brings you here Bane...?”



Just then a valet cracked the door open once more. “I’m sorry to disturb you, again, Mr. Garrett, but the crowds are awaiting your appearance with great trepidation!”

Clift Garrett
Clift Garrett

Jan-3-2012 02:35

Clift sighed in frustration.

He got up, handed Bane his card and the card of his favourite fine dining restaurant. “This just won’t do Bane. I don’t have a matinee tomorrow, so I’m cancelling my date with Myrna Loy and taking you to lunch instead -please try and consider yourself lucky! We’re going to the ‘Music Room’ please dress as nicely as you are now. We’ll have time to hash this out.”

Clift reached the door then turned back once more to Joey. “Oh and easy on the drinks Bane... you are much more valuable to me sober!”

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-4-2012 07:46

[…the next day, New York’s ‘Music Room’ parlor, lunch time…]

“Hello Sir. May I take your coat?” the lovely greeter at the Music Room welcomed Garrett as he entered the lobby.

He eyed her fast: long legs, green eyes and natural blond hair; a combination that always attracted his attention. She couldn’t have been more than 20…maybe 22.

“Indeed you can, my dear girl…” replied him with a charming smile “…and why not also take my…calling card” he added slipping the small paper in her hand.

She blushed and smiled: “Oh, Mr. Garrett…you are too know…I saw you representation last night. It was magnificent! You were…”

“Well…” Garrett interrupted what seemed to be becoming a long and agitated flow of words “…maybe we can have dinner together one of these evenings and discuss my…performance?”

“I’d love to, Mr. Garrett! I’d really love to!”

“I can assure you the pleasure will be all mine” replied Clift elegantly handing her his coat, hat and cane. “Now, I am here to meet a gentleman by the name of Joseph Bane…large build, rough face, in his late fifties and…hopefully properly dressed for this establishment. Would you mind checking for me if he has arrived?”

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-4-2012 07:47

A slight shadow of disgust covered her face as she turned her eyes towards the launch parlor: “I do believe there is no need to look any further” said her pointing to the middle of the room.

Turning his look towards the point she was indicating made Garrett almost burst into laughter. For a moment he couldn’t exactly say whether it was the comic of the image he was looking at that amused him or if it was a hysterical laughter generated by the danger to his reputation that sitting at the same table with that man in public would pose.

Bane’s figure at the table was…purely apocalyptic. He seemed to be the pure incarnation of a Neanderthal inside a beauty parlor. Although he was indeed wearing the same classy suit, he sat in front a large pile of pork and ram ribs, food in one hand and a knife in the other, chewing with his mouth full as if it would’ve been his last meal in this world. The large white kitchen towel wrapped around his neck was soaking in grease and he occasionally sipped hard from an almost empty bottle of wine in front of him.

Garrett approached him slowly, taking a seat in a position that would keep him safe from being touched by the occasional grease splashing from Joey’s plate…and even mouth.

“Wine, Mr. Bane? You’re getting soft with age?”

“Well…you did say to keep myself sober, didn’t ya’?” replied Joey draining the last drop form the bottle down his throat.

“I suppose using a fork would be out of the question, wouldn’t it?”

“Indeed it would, mate! Indeed it would!” He threw a chewed up bone on a big platter in the middle of the table and grabbed another rib with his bare hand. “This is the way ya’ eat ribs, lad…but…I suppose a classy fella’ like yourself wouldn’t know that…”

“Well now…perhaps it would be better for me to wait at the bar…”

“No need for that, mate…Hey, WAITER! Fetch this boy a whiskey…actually bring the bottle and two glasses!”

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-4-2012 07:48

Clift shortly waved at the waiter in denial: “I’ll only have a coffee please.” Then towards Bane: “It is a little early in the day for whiskey.”

“Oh…well…I guess ya’ youngsters ain’t got the stomach for it. Then maybe have a rib?” With this he grabbed another piece of meat and stretched his hand towards Garrett.

“I hate to refuse you, Mr. Bane, but you’re not exactly and appetite builder…”

“Oh well…”

“So, Mr. Bane, you were saying something about Violet Parr…”



“Oh, yes. I’m tryin’ to track her down.”

“May I ask why?”

“Yes, you may.”


“That’s not important.”

“I see…So, why exactly are we speaking?”

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-4-2012 07:48

“I need your help.”

“Unfortunately…if you’re looking for recent information…”

“I know. You don’t have any. You lost touch with her.”

“How do you know that…?”

“Your letters.”

“To her? What about them?”

“Found them all. Unopened.”



“And…what did you do with them?”

“I opened them.”


“A little mushy here and there, buy generally ok if ya’ ask me.” He posed a large mocking grin.

“Mr. Bane, you manners are…” he slowly shook his head “…I’d like to have them in my possession if…”

“Ya can’t.”

“Why not?”

“They’ve burned.”

“How come?”

“Along with the apartment of my London investigator.”

“You have an investigator in London?”


“Where is he now? I’d like to talk to him.”

“The cemetery.”

“Pardon me?”

“He was inside the apartment when it happened.”


Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-4-2012 07:49

“I managed to speak to him before it happened though. He had a lead.”


“It brought me here, to New York. Had also an investigator here. Asked her to look around before my arrival…”


“Dead…” Bane took a gulp directly from the bottle.

“She died too?”

“No. I meant to say dead end.”


“So now I’m looking into it. And I think I found a trail.”

“Mr. Bane, if you really want my help you need to start giving me some clear information regarding what you found out.”

“Ok lad, here it goes. When Miss Parr disappeared about half a year ago it seems she was workin’ a Russian mob case…a kidnapping. It appears the competition of one Ivan Vasiliev took his sister Irina in order to force him out of a business. Although he did what they requested she was never returned. Violet Parr was hired to find her, but…something happened. It would appear that taking Ivan out of that business wasn’t enough for his competitors. They decided to also take him and his entire family out…and so they did. One night they swiped his villa clean with Tommy Guns and then burned it to ashes. It was the next day that Miss Parr disappeared…”

“Do you believe they went after her too?”

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-4-2012 07:50

“Now hold your horses there, lad, I wasn’t finished. There was indeed a break in into her apartment, but the evidence show she was already packed and gone by then. Now, my investigator started to look around and try to find out more about Ivan’s enemies. It seems though he was not too subtle as…well…I told you what happened to him. He burned a week later, but not before leaving me some info in a mail box. He managed to find out which family called the execution, but more important…he discovered something about Ivan: it seems he never bet all his money on one horse and he had a habit of cleaning his tracks. So…the information shows he hired an assassin to keep a close eye on Miss Parr’s investigation and…well…eliminate her when the job was finished. This person…this assassin was also a woman, also Russian, by the name of Mara Romanov. The trick is however that no one knows exactly how she looks. She’s…sort of a freelancer, but working only for the Russians. Also she has a reputation for finishing a job no matter what and, just like her employer, for tying loose ends. So now, adding 2 and 2 together here’s what I think that happened: with Ivan dead Violet Parr became a loose end for Mara. It’s possible also Ivan’s competition to be after Violet, but further investigation revealed that the first option is more likely.”

Bane took another break to wet his throat.

“Don’t let me interrupt you, Mr. Bane…”

“So, the last info on Mara Romanov that my agent dug out was that she was headed for New York. My guess is that this means Miss Parr either was or still is in this city. Miss Romanov had a contact here, a man by the name of Alexei Tarasov. It was through him and only through him she could be contacted. My agent here in New York managed to locate him, but…unfortunately he wasn’t breathing when she found him. This was the dead end I was telling you about.”

“I see. You did mention however that you found a trail?”

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