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What Am I Going To Do?
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Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Feb-14-2011 00:51

Hey guys. This is kind of a follow-up to my last thread. There I asked many of you what you had done to make things any different. Here I'm asking you, "What are you going to do?"

I always tell students it's better to show not tell, so here we go!

What I'm doing- Tonight I started writing a short scripted mystery that will serve as a tutorial to answer a lot of the common SM questions that people have.

How long will it take me- Hopefully I will have the whole thing done in a month (but with me who knows).

What would I need for it to work- I'd need it to be approved as a Scripted Mystery and ideally I'd like Ben to make it free to all players.

So what do you think guys? What can you do to help Sleuth?


Old Shoe

Apr-4-2011 11:27

Hey ypsi! Workin' hard but this has been a very FRUSTRATING hunt! : )

Old Shoe

Apr-4-2011 11:28

EXCITED that the team is doing great though!!

Pinball Amateur

Apr-4-2011 13:09

An eagle's just an overstuffed parrot with the ego to match. And Missy shreds parrots for fun all the time. Enjoy yer breakfast!! ;-D ;-D ;-D

By the way, Ctown, who's Bill what's-'is-name??
I've got a couple of Uncles named Bill. Neither're named that. :-.

And how's the ol' derriere doin' these days?? You managed to find some salve and a discreet Tailor yet??


Yeah, didn't think so. ;-D ;-D ;-D

*Watches Missy go sashayin' down the street, a ragged patch of the backside portion of Ctown's pants trailin' from her jaws....*

(I do LUVVV that Cat!! ;-)

Breit ;-)


Apr-5-2011 15:39

Hm... are we starting to see a team flying away here?
(Somebody good in math are welcome to help me here)
If we assume the remainding active people catch today, we will have:
Flash Fire: 1 member of 3 days, 2 members of 4 days
Eagle Wing: 1 member of 2 days and 2 member of 4 days
- OR 3 members of 4 days
The Mindful: 1 member of 3 days, 2 members of 4 days
The Disasters: 1 member of 4 days, 2 members of 5 days (and I know that won't be truly that good)

I guess I will have to admit, even for myself, that I will not be able to make the playsleuth2-server calculate the scores so that we see the winner, as soon as the winner is known... - but I will eventually come to it :-) Hopefully before I finish my own AVH :-P

Thank you to everyone who are helping me in this test. I really look forward to getting test reports. (i.e. feedback on things you have been trying out together with me) I will continue to work on the presentation of the "tracking"/"scoreboard", so that scores will be availiable realtime as well :-)

The tracking system as such may be set up to new tournaments, with it's current limitations, and as I will focus on adding the scores realtime first, and creating a more brackets-like view for multi-round tournaments, I ask you to go through Riza Hawkeye to put up and host new tournaments - if you want any.
This will also help that you will not be so easily exhaustet with tournaments ;-)
If anyone is able to come up with a scoring system, that would make it attractive to include newbies/have them join, it would be most welcome!!! I promise, I won't hesitate to implement it! :-)


Apr-5-2011 20:05

Irene, I think the point is not that you have the results showing as soon as we're done with the test, but that you can use this 'test tournament' to figure out how to make the page show results for when there is a REAL tournament.

In other words, I doubt anyone expects the thing to be working, much less perfect, immediately! So don't worry about it :)

Battered Shoe

Apr-6-2011 01:36

I was able to extract all needed informations from the scoreboard during the tournament. You did it fine Irene!

Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Apr-6-2011 06:40

I think so far Irene has done a marvellous job. I, like Guiltfinder, was able to follow the progress of the hunt quite easily and as Anikka says this is a test which will help pinpoint the areas to work on.

Good job Irene :-)


Apr-6-2011 06:59

Congrats to Peach_Detects2 on the capture of her Arch Villain and now all the Eagles are home to roost ;-) Despite David's Marines and Breitkat's Missy, Eagle Wing has overcome all obstacles and have proven to be excellent hunters.

Perched on high ground Ypsi's sharp eyes follows Missy as she sashays away down far below. Ummmm, I must really do something about that Kitty!

Old Shoe

Apr-6-2011 15:20

Thanks Irene for the opportunity to play in a Tournament and all the hard work you've done.

Thanks teammates for the spot on the best April 2011 Tourney Team, Eagle Wing!


Apr-7-2011 04:28

Great Job Irene. Thanks for putting this together!

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