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Yoyo is legal!

Old Shoe

May-15-2010 23:24

Hot damn! Facebook has cordially informed me that yoyofoshow, a long-serving, long-suffering, totally stand up member of the sleuthing community and all around good guy has just had (and probably is still having/retching up evidence of) his 18th birthday!

It strikes me that some folks may not fully appreciate his longevity. He's been an absolute rock in Sleuthville for at least three, if not more, years, and during that time he's been nothing but cool and funny and has unfailingly made this a nice place to be.

So now he's 18. In lieu of taking advantage of the situation and posting that grainy homeshot sex tape of him with that chipmunk-cheeked Disney darling, Selena Gomez, perhaps you could all just wish him well.

Happy Birthday sir!


Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

May-17-2010 07:03

I sent you a PM, but I'll tell you here publicly too. I hope you had a wonderful birthday yoyo!!! :)

Safety Officer

May-17-2010 20:21

Yo Junior, Happy Birthday! (even though I said it on FB)

Pinball Amateur

May-20-2010 12:34

Yoyo's all grown up!! ;-D

It brings a tear to the eye, don't it?? *Cheeky GRIN!!!*


Of course, y'all realize that I was around when he was an impudent little whippersnapper of about twelve.

*Goes pale....*

Oh God, he can now buy guns and cigarettes. Legally.



;-) Breit

(Hope it was a wonderful day, Yoyo!! ;-)

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